Policy Papers

Paper: Support an EU framework fit for the decarbonization of the building stock including renewables on-site solutions

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Date: October 2017

Letter: EU RES Industry Rejects Retroactive Changes on Priority Dispatch 

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Date: July 2017

Letter: Unlock demand side flexibility for European consumers, innovation and the climate

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Date: June 2017

Signatories of this letter welcome the Clean Energy Package as the means to set in place new rules for a consumer-centred European energy system, by implementing the three stated EU objectives: putting energy efficiency first, achieving global leadership in renewable energies and providing a fair deal for consumers.

Letter: Higher renewable energy ambition required to avoid deployment slowdown

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Date: June 2017

European renewable energy industry statement on the European 2030 renewable energy target

SolarPower Europe: Regulatory asks on solar and digitalisation

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Date: June 2017

The ten regulatory asks were identified as part of an exercise to see what policy changes were needed to aid the transition to a fully digitalised solar offering and and a digital energy system.

SolarPower Europe: The solar industry's seven commitments on digitalisation 

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Date: May 2017

The commitments cover prosumer choice, peer-to-peer trading and smart and stable grids among other topics, all of which are seen as part of bringing forward 'digital solar'.

SolarPower Europe:The Winter Package: what does it mean for solar?

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Date: November 2016

SolarPower Europe's information pack to help you navigate the different proposals and identify what the impact will be on solar.

SolarPower Europe reply to consultation on energy planning and reporting obligations of Member States

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Date: April 2016

SolarPower Europe reply to the consultation on streamlining of planning and reporting obligations as part of the Energy Union Governance.

SolarPower Europe, EHPA and EUROBAT Policy Paper on Solar and Storage

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Date: April 2016

Solar and storage are mutually reinforcing and provide new opportunities for European consumers as well as for the grid. To unlock this potential, SolarPower Europe, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT ) presented today joint proposals in a new policy paper on Solar and Storage.

SolarPower Europe reply to EU consultation on Renewable Energy Directive

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Date : February 2016

EU RES associations Position Paper on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive

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Date: February 2016

The European Commission should propose an ambitious post-2020 renewable energy package that fosters a vibrant home market with clear growth perspectives and asserts the EUs leadership in renewables in the face of rising international competition.

RES Sector Letter to COMM on Investment Protection

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Date: September 2015

EU RES associations Position Paper on 2030 renewable energy target 

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Date: September 2015

The European renewables industry welcomes the European Commissions  February 2015 Energy Union package, which sent a positive signal on the need to move away from a fossil-fuel based energy system. To fulfil its long term decarbonisation objectives, set in the 2050 Energy Roadmap, the EU needs to support clean and indigenous renewable energies that provide security of supply and boost economic growth and domestic jobs.

SolarPower Europe and ENSTO-E report on Solar Eclipse 

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Date: July 2015

On the day of the Summer Package ENTSO-E and SolarPower Europe launched their common report 'Solar Eclipse: the successful stress test of Europes Power Grid'. 

On 20 March the European electricity grid passed with flying colours an unprecedented stress test. No one had experienced the effects on the grid of a near total solar eclipse taking place on a mostly sunny weekday morning with about 90 gigawatts of solar power installed and highly concentrated in some regions.

SolarPower Europe Position Paper on Market Design

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Date: July 2015

An energy system in which variable renewable energy sources play an increasingly important role, is not only possible, but it is also economically attractive. Such a system would combine cost-effective power supplies from solar and wind power with the use of various flexibility options across the whole energy system, making the best use of electricity when it is cheaply available.

SolarPower Europe Position Paper on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive 

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Date: July 2015

Building a reliable and transparent renewable energy governance for the post-2020 period.

SolarPower Europe Position Paper on self-consumption

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Date: July 2015

The European Commission has recently called for strategies in order to empower consumers. SolarPower Europe believes that unleashing the full potential of self-consumption across Europe will make a significant contribution to achieve this objective. This briefing paper explores the benefits of self-consuming PV-generated electricity, as well as the remaining barriers and challenges for the deployment of self-consumption throughout Europe.

SolarPower Europe reply to the EU consultation on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

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Date : March 2015 

The European Commission has opened a public consultation on the revision of the European Emission Trading System (EU ETS) Directive. Before issuing a legislative proposal later this year or in 2016, on the Directive, the Commission has asked comments from stakeholders. SolarPower Europe, in collaboration with its members, has replied to the public consultation.

SolarPower Europe reply to the CEER consultation on the future role of DSOs

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Date : February 2015

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) is running a public consultation on the future role of Distribution System Operators (DSOs). A background document has been prepared to gather the views of stakeholders.

DSOs will play a key role in the deployment of large shares of solar power in the system. Hence SolarPower Europe has prepared a draft reply to the consultation.

SolarPower Europe reply to the EU public consultation on Retail Energy Markets

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Date : April 2014 

SolarPower Europe sees the Commission s policy document which will follow this consultation as the trigger for fostered competition in retail electricity markets. More offers centered on the energy component of electricity bills are not enough. A real change of paradigm is needed, from commodity-based to services-based markets. In such markets, consumption and production of electricity should no longer be treated differently, as services will be based on a mix of both.