Solar Cell & Module Production in Europe - 2016 Survey

According to a survey by SolarPower Europe solar module production capacities in the European Union (EU)decreased in 2016, while the output of EU factories dropped in a two-digit range.

In 2016, module manufacturers had facilities in the EU with 6.7 GW annual productioncapacity, a 3% drop from 6.9 GW in 2015. Production output decreased by 16% in thesame period to around 2.7 GW, from 3.2 GW in 2015. The utilization of the module factoriesin the EU continued to decline to 40% in 2016, from 46% the year before.

The survey also shows that cell manufacturing capacities remain much lower than modulecapacities in the EU at a constant level of around 1.8 GW in 2015-16. But even this small cellcapacity is mostly used in-house.

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