Trade Task Force

Facilitating trade for the solar sector 

SolarPower Europe, together with its members, are running a trade task force to tackle trade related issues.

The Trade Task Force was set-up in 2014 in order to support the negotiation of the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA), which aims at liberalizing tariffs for a series of renewable energy technologies. Indeed, the task force already developed a list of product recommendations for inclusion in the EGA. It seems indeed that a majority of the PV-related products that the SolarPower Europe Task Force has identified and that we have actively promoted for inclusion in the agreement have found their way to the pool of suggested goods: equipment, polysilicon, metallurgic silicon, wafers, cells, modules, inverters and power control tools have been proposed either by the EU or by other delegations. The next milestone in these negotiations is May 2015. Although the road is still long, this process may well be the first-ever worldwide agreement to facilitate trade in the solar sector.

Depending on the needs identified by the sector, it can also address other trade related issues such as the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP).


  • Encourage debate on trade related topics amongst high-level experts from the sector
  • Identify opportunities and influence the European Commissions position on trade negotiations
  • Facilitate networking with your peers, clients and suppliers

Leading companies such as Trina, Enel Green Power, REC, SolarWorld, Hanwha QCELLS and Wacker Chemie have already joined. We invite you to join them in this Task Force, share your experiences and knowledge and benefit from the outcomes and the exchange with other experts.

For more information on the Trade Task Force please contact Alexandre at; +32 2 709 55 22