BIPV Task Force


The possibilities and requirements of Building Integrated PV often differ from those of other PV applications, not least because of the crucial involvement of the construction sector. At the same time, important pieces of European legislation, including the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, will be reviewed in 2015-2016. This is opening a window of opportunity for BIPV. We would like to take this opportunity to promote concrete and important drivers for BIPV. In cooperation with BIPV companies Merck and Ertex, we have elaborated first potential elements for such a Task Force, which we would like to discuss and adapt with you in the scoping workshop. 

The Task Force aims to: 

  • Establish direct contact with European institutions to highlight current significant gaps and need for strengthened incentives for BIPV
  • Focus on industry and market development needs, taking an integrated approach over value chain, voice / expertise of the industry

If you are interested in further information on the Task Force, please contact Giorgia at ; +32 2 709 55 29

BIPV Task Force Meetings 

Task Force meeting 20 January 2016

Please find below all available documents (login to access):

  • Minutes of the meeting 
  • Agenda of meeting
  • Presentation SolarPower Europe and Tecnalia

Scoping Workshop 9 July 2015

Please find below all available documents (login to access):

  • Presentation of the meeting, SolarPower Europe
  • Presentation Ertex
  • Presentation, MERCK
  • List of participants


Members of the Task Force