Environmental Footprint Task Force

Environmental Footprinting becomes increasingly important for the envisioned single market for green products in the European Union and internationally. Today electricity is being benchmarked and labelled with a multitude of multi- and one-dimensional criteria (e.g. Carbon Footprint, Green Sourcing etc.). Moreover, Environmental Footprinting becomes part of tender criteria for RES in some countries already today and will most likely become more relevant in the electricity markets of the future.

Therefore, SolarPower Europe within its Strategy Committee decided to launch a dedicative Task Force which will be responsible to cover a number of different ongoing initiatives. The main activities and objectives of this Task Force are:

  • Monitor the EU developments on PV relevant environmental footprint initiatives (e.g. Eco-design directive and/or Eco-label)

The European Commission is currently exploring potential Eco-design requirements for PV systems. The Eco-design and Energy Labelling Directives are the two pillars of the European policy for energy efficient products. Products covered by the Eco-design Directive can only be put on the European market if they fulfil minimal requirements. The Task Force provides the necessary technical feedback of the solar industry to the Commission. 

The Task Force will provide the necessary technical feedback on behalf of the solar industry to the Commission and support the consultant in charge of the preparatory study.

The EU Eco-label is a voluntary label promoting environmental excellence and identifies products and services with reduced environmental impact. This initiative is likely to be considered in parallel with the Eco-design mentioned above.

  • Stakeholder participation in Photovoltaic Module Sustainability Leadership Standard development (NSF / Green Electronics Council / SVTC initiative)
  • Stakeholder participation in IEC process Future IEC 62xxx Ed.1: Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Risk Assessment for the sustainability of PV module manufacturing - Part 1: General principles and definition of terms (Project Number IEC 62994-1 Ed.1) 
  • Development of a relevant fact sheets

For more information on the activities of this Task Force, please contact Mate at m.heisz@solarpowereurope.org ; +32 2 709 55 40