Recording of webinar 'Trade Case on Modules and Cells - State of Play and What to Expect' held 19th January 2017.

Minimum Import Price Group

SolarPower Europe has recently set up an information dissemination service for members interested in the latest developments of the trade relations between China and the European Union. Since 2013 the import of solar modules and cells has been governed by the minimum import price (MIP). The Commission is currently reviewing the trade measures to determine if they should be continued or removed. This process can run until March 2017, but we expect the Commission to take a decision in 2016. The Commission has also opened a review into the scope of the measures, and is considering removing cells from the measures, this decision is also expected in 2016. The Commission has also recently concluded a circumvention investigation targeting modules from Malaysia and Taiwan, with some companies being found to be circumventing the measures. If you have been importing from these countries please contact us on the email address below as we will be able to help you establish whether your module imports may be liable for retrospective duties. The Commission also recently closed a review into the methodology of the MIP, the outcome leaves the MIP calculation method in place.

You can find more information about the cases here.

Members interested in these issues can sign up to receive real time information on developments in the cases. If you would like to receive emails on the MIP and associated topics please contact Kristina at who can add you to the mailing list.

Webinar on 'EU-China Solar Panels and Cells Trade Case - What to Expect' 29.02.16

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Webinar on 'The Trade Case on Modules and Cells - State of Play and What to Expect' 19.01.17

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