Minimum Import Price Group

SolarPower Europe operates an information dissemination service for members interested in the latest developments of the trade case between China and the European Union impacting solar cells and modules.

Since 2013 the import of solar modules and cells from China has been governed by the minimum import price (MIP). The Commission has proposed an extension of the trade measures until September 2018 and we are working to make sure the measures are removed no later than this date.

You can find more information about the cases here. 

Members interested in these issues can sign up to receive real time information on developments in the case. If you would like to receive emails on the MIP and associated topics please contact Kristina at who can add you to the mailing list.


DG Justice and Consumers study Residential Prosumers in the European Energy Union

European Commission study from DG Justice and Consumers assessing the current regulatory regime impacting solar self-consumers in Europe today.

Webinar on 'New Minimum Import Price (MIP) -What It Means and What to Expect Next in the EU-China trade case' 28.09.17 (login to access)

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Webinar on 'The Trade Case on Modules and Cells - State of Play and What to Expect' 19.01.17

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Webinar on 'EU-China Solar Panels and Cells Trade Case - What to Expect' 29.02.16

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