National Associations Task Force

The objective of the SolarPower Europe National Association Task Force, involving representatives from National PV associations (NAs) only, is to understand the development of each individual solar markets and of the underpinning policies, share best practices and coordinate national and European advocacy activities.

Deliverables :

  • Exchange of information on evolution of markets and of underpinning policies, to feed the Global Market Outlook report and the National Overviews of the Investment Environment for solar PV
  • Coordination of advocacy activities on topical European policy initiatives

In this hectic legislative period, this task force generally meets back-to-back with each Strategy Committee meeting.

Currently 25 national associations are members of SolarPower Europe; the Task Force is to a certain extent open to national associations which are not (yet) SolarPower Europe members. 

For more information or if you wish to sign up for this Task Force, please contact Naomi at, tel +32 2 709 55 27.