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SolarPower & Storage Task Force

Synergies between solar and battery energy storage are huge and will open up new opportunities in the power sector. As self consumption will be the dominant driver for solar demand in Europe, small-scale electric storage solutions will play a crucial role in expanding onsite consumption. At the same time, utility-scale battery storage will play an increasing role in providing ancillary services for stabilizing the grid when using large amounts of flexible solar power. 

SolarPower Europe - which represents solar companies, utilities and storage companies already active in energy storage - creates through its Task Force on SolarPower and Storage a platform that brings together leading stakeholders in that field to formulate clear policy asks and ensure that the proper regulatory framework is created for the further growth of solar & storage.

The Task Force, lead by Tesla, Sonnen and Enel Greenpower, has the following core objectives:

  • Identify and promote policy asks with the aim to influence the negotiation of the market design reform
  • Explore how the value of solar electricity can be maximized via small and utility-scale energy storage while ensuring that all dimensions of stored electricity can be properly remunerated by the market
  • Facilitate debate with key EU decision makers and build coalitions to achieve our objectives
  • Ensure the necessary dissemination activities, in particular via specific workshops and events organized throughout 2017 and 2018


With regard to the above we delivered a number of outputs:

  • Solar & Storage Policy Priorities: The Task Force developed 10 Policy priorities for Solar & Storage to influence the 'Clean Energy For All Europeans' proposals that were released by the European Commission at the end of last year
  • Solar & Storage Round Table: During our SolarPower Summit we gathered more than 35 storage experts with various backgrounds to discuss and identify the most important 'Trends, Technology and Policy needs' with respect to Solar & Storage
  • Solar & Storage Event in the European Parliament: Based on our Member input and assessments we had a high-level breakfast debate in the European Parliament hosted by Mr Karins - rapporteur on the market design proposals - where we presented and discussed our refined policy asks.


 What happens next?

 We are in the process of:

  • Creating a slide-deck with case studies on Solar & Storage - we are happy to receive your input and suggestions!
  • Analysing business models and regulatory backgrounds across Members States for Solar & Storage

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