10 regulatory asks for increased digital solar

Brussels, 28 June 2017 – One week after the SolarPower Dialogues where European energy leaders explained how solar is driving the digitalisation of the European energy transition, SolarPower Europe has published its “Regulatory asks on solar and digitalisation”.

Professor Bernd Engel, SolarPower Europe’s Digitalisation Task Force leader and representative of the SMA Solar Technology Board for grid integration stated: “The right regulatory framework is an essential foundation for the development of digital solar. We need policy-makers to accelerate the deployment of smart grids, reform incentives for network operators and reward the speed and accuracy that solar can provide in grid support services.”

This deliverable was coordinated by Detlef Beister, Business Development Manager at SMA Solar Technology. Commenting, he said: “We want to see policy-makers use digitalisation to develop better flexibility markets so that solar can properly take part, and accelerate the deployment of smart metering functionality in a way that does not discriminate against solar prosumers.”

The ten regulatory asks were identified as part of an exercise to see what policy changes were needed to aid the transition to a fully digitalised solar offering and a digital energy system.

This follows the publication of the “Solar industry’s seven commitments on digitalisation”, which was a pledge from the sector as to what it would do from its side. An in-depth report on the market opportunities for digitalised solar will follow later this year.

The aim of the Digitalisation and Solar Task Force is to ensure that the solar PV sector in Europe makes the most of the opportunities arising from the digitalisation of the energy system.

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