6 reasons to join the first virtual SolarPower Summit

The SolarPower Summit 2020 will be held online for the first time ever. We believe that this is an amazing opportunity to redefine how we see events and we would like to be a front runner at the innovation wave that the event industry is experiencing right now. Therefore, we have created an immersive virtual experience for our attendees and here are 6 reasons why you cannot miss the SolarPower Summit:

  1. Meet the right people: targeted networking opportunities. You will never ever have to scroll forever to find the right types of companies that you would like to connect to. We use tags that will allow you to filter easily through a list of participants and connect only with those that are relevant for you.

2. Connect with participants before, during and after the event. Networking only during the event? Forget about that! We decided that if we go virtual this will create an opportunity for us to accommodate a lot more networking and therefore you can be sure that you will get some online meetings done.

3. Full access to ground-breaking, world-class content before, during, and after the event. The Summit has always been recognised for bringing some of the best speakers in our sector and this year is not any different. On top of that our virtual event platform will allow us to share even more content in different formats so we can satisfy even our hungriest participants for knowledge and intelligence.

4. Interactive sessions: join the conversation with solar experts. Being able to connect with people is one of the biggest reasons why people go to events and it was one of our top priorities to ensure that participants can interact easily with each other and with the speakers.

5. Virtual exhibition: discover the latest in solar developments from some of the most influential companies in the sector. Every year we receive requests to do an exhibition and finally we have this option thanks to the online format. This is our new way of adding value to our sponsors but also a great opportunity for the attendees to check what is new in some of the leading companies in the solar sector.

6. Finally, our first virtual SolarPower Summit is free on a first come first serve basis – register now to secure your place!  

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