Solar ground panels, monitoring software, and blockchain utilities among shortlisted innovations for 2nd annual Digital Solar & Storage Startup Awards

In order to facilitate the clean energy transition, and address the challenges that decarbonisation presents, bright ideas and solutions are required. Innovation has always been the backbone of the renewables sector, and with this in mind, SolarPower Europe is proud to announce the shortlisted candidates for the 2nd annual Digital Solar & Storage Startup Awards.

The Startup Awards celebrate small, early-career startups with the most innovative ideas in the field of digitalisation and solar storage. The 2019 shortlist is full of the kinds of trailblazing initiatives that offer hope of a more sustainable future.

The shortlisted startups in the running for the top prize of €5,000, in alphabetical order:

Alma Solar
The Luxembourg-based Alma Solar distributes photovoltaic equipment (solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries) in Europe. The online shop, translated into five languages, lists all best-known brands as well as all the necessary equipment. Alma Solar’s ambition is to democratize photovoltaic systems by offering a range of high quality products at very low prices.

AMMP Technologies
The Amsterdam-based AMMP helps energy companies in emerging markets remotely monitor and manage their off-grid energy systems. They provide the operating platform for these companies to realize their full potential by reducing operational costs and enabling innovative business models. AMMP serves and mitigates the conditions prevalent in its target markets: poor connectivity, low accessibility, and challenging environmental conditions.

Elum Energy
The Paris-based Elum Energy provides a flexible and compatible energy monitoring and control platform. The platform uses machine learning to leverage model predictive control in order to increase energy management savings.

The Cologne-based EINHUNDERT Energie provides solar digital services, with a package including smart metering, energy billing, consumption measurement, and end customer service. Their goal is to make solar energy more efficient and transparent.

The Barcelona-based FlexiDAO has developed a software platform for energy retailers that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to provide energy data management tools needed to offer new smart energy services. Their vision is to provide the IT backbone that enables the transformation of the energy sector into a truly carbon-free, prosumer-centric and democratic market.

The Antwerp-based LIFEPOWER offers easy and reliable access to smart-battery storage for renewable energy, through the design and manufacturing of smart-energy storage solutions – such as, Lithium-Ion battery packs, BMS modules, power electronics, and Virtual Power Plants. Further, the startup created a new and advanced modular energy storage solution called IO, which manages the end-user’s power usage and reserves in order to deliver uninterrupted access to self-generated solar energy as a ready solution for energy sharing, demand response, and grid balancing services.

The Porto-based PVComplete provides innovative solar design tools, which enable efficient solar design. Their products include PVSketch, an app built for salespersons to easily create multiple versions for array layouts and energy production models, and PVCAD, CAD software for solar engineers and designers, built on Autodesk technology.

The Berlin-based Rocsun produces inventive solar ground panels. These durable solar panels are integrated into the ground and form a power plant that produces clean electricity from sunlight. The panels substitute conventional pavements and help to build zero emission buildings and sustainable open spaces.

The Utrecht-based SunData provides software that optimses solar energy through active monitoring and data analysis. For project developers, the software offers a clear overview of all projects and systems, with up-to-date performance reports. Installers can benefit from analysis of installed systems, early automatic signaling in the event of errors, and service management.

All the way from Newcastle, Australia, SwitchDin gives energy companies – network operators, electricity retailers and integrated utilities – the tools they need to securely integrate and manage diverse mixes of small-scale distributed energy resources (DERs) to optimise system-wide outcomes for everyone. Further, they allow energy companies to build and operate virtual power plants and microgrids using a mix of resource types and products.

Prizes and voting

Of the ten shortlisted startups, which where selected according to criteria that included innovation, market impact, and business strategy, four finalists will be announced on 18 October. The finalists will be given the opportunity to present their projects on 5 November, at Digital Solar & Storage 2019, where the audience will select a winner after a Q&A session with the jury.

The winning startup will receive a prize package that includes €5,000 (sponsored by Enerparc), free coaching (sponsored by BeeFounders), a free start-up exhibition spot at The Smarter E Europe 2020 in Munich (sponsored by The Smarter E), the opportunity to pitch on stage at the Digital Solar & Storage event, one free ticket to attend the Digital Solar & Storage event, and one year of free membership at SolarPower Europe.

Last year’s winner of the Startup Award was SolarWorX, a renewable energy startup that designs and manufactures scalable, modular solar solutions to provide true access to energy for the global off-grid population.

The Startup Awards are part of the Digital Solar & Storage event, which takes place in Brussels from 5–6 November, gathering high-level executives, digital innovators, storage solution suppliers, and representatives from Europe’s new European Parliament and Commission to discuss the latest business models and market trends shaping the New Energy World.

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