Digitalisation and Solar

The report, thought to be the first in-depth analysis of digital technology in solar PV in the world, seeks to lay out how solar can make the most of the market opportunities of digitalisation. It looks at new and improved business models, the digitalisation of the entire value chain from manufacturing to O&M, and digital integration of PV into the grid.
We have also conducted a mapping exercise of the key industry players in digital solar, which outlines who we think is active in this field.

Examples of the topics covered in the report include smart solar buildings, peer-to-peer electricity trading, digitalised manufacturing and high-tech O&M.
The report also contains a series of cutting edge case study advertorials from Europe and beyond to illustrate the potential of digital in the solar sector, including:

  • SMA Solar Technology’s ennexOS energy management platform and Worker Information System
  • Tesla’s aggregation of Powerwalls and Powerpacks for a cleaner and more efficient grid
  • SolarCoin’s use of blockchain technology to generate a record of and reward PV generation
  • Siemens’s neighbourhood solar microgrid on a blockchain platform in Brooklyn
  • Alectris’s ACTIS platform to optimise underperforming biaxial tracking plants
  • BayWa r.e.’s infrared inspections with drones for improved performance analysis
  • Alpiq’s Gridsense energy services offering combining PV, storage, heat and e-mobility
Digitalisation and Solar Report

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