Editorial: SolarPower Live Map – real time mapping of solar power generation in Europe

By James Watson, CEO

July-August 2017

On 21 June, we launched the first ever interactive SolarPower Live Map for Europe. This is truly a great expression for our audiences of how digitalised solar power has become. Giving the user information up to just three hours previously, we have a tool that allows people to see how much solar power is being generated in Europe at any given moment. The SolarPower Live Map not only covers current production, but it also shows historical data right back to 2005. Thereby anyone interested in solar power can see how different regions of Europe developed solar over time.

The fact that the map is powered by data from SMA and 3E also shows the innovation and knowledge power of companies active in Europe on the solar market. With this invention, it is easy to explain to interested stakeholders how the digitalisation of energy is well under way and that by understanding production patterns through data harvesting, we can more easily control the grid and make it more responsive to need and production. The map is just the tip of the iceberg as to what we can expect more of in the future for improved grid management.

The map covers virtually all European countries, with some data broken down further on a detailed regional level. There is also the option to see the generation data per inhabitant in Europe. This really is an unprecedented tool in the renewable energy sector and we are very proud of the accomplishment of our partners. The map will continue to evolve and thus we encourage you all to keep following its development on our website and through our social media channels.

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