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Welcome to SolarPower Europe’s third emerging markets newsletter.

This issue will provide an overview of the Emerging Markets Task Force’s activities since March 2019. The past four months have been very busy – and rewarding. We have published several new reports that explore solar market opportunities in Senegal, Ivory Coast and Myanmar. The Task Force is now engaged in several international initiatives aimed at accelerating the deployment of solar in emerging markets. We have also signed two new partnership agreements with business associations in Jordan and Kazakhstan. Finally, we have welcomed high-level delegations from Africa and India to SolarPower Europe’s offices in Brussels. You can read more about all our activities in this newsletter.

The second half of 2019 will be just as productive! We have more reports and events lined up with our partners around the world. Find out where you can meet us in the section on upcoming events in the newsletter.

The Emerging Markets Task Force is going full steam ahead – join us in this exciting work! Find out more about the Task Force and how to join here.

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Stefano Mantellassi, Vice-President Energy Solutions, ENI SpA

Chair of the SolarPower Europe Emerging Markets Task Force

Emerging Markets Task Force activities

EU-Africa Renewable Energy Delegation visits SolarPower Europe's offices in Brussels

Photo: Delegations from Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria together with representatives of the European Commission and SolarPower Europ

On 2 April, SolarPower Europe welcomed the EU-Africa Renewable Energy Delegation for a discussion on the role of solar in the energy transition and SolarPower Europe’s activities in emerging markets. SolarPower Europe’s Máté Heisz discussed the activities of the Emerging Markets Task Force and Vincenzo Conforti (Eni), on behalf of the Task Force Chair, presented a new report on solar opportunities in Mozambique.

Delegations from Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria were in attendance, as well as representatives from the European Commission and members of the Emerging Markets Task Force. The organisation of the delegation visit was supported by the European Commission and GET.invest.

SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force hosts round table discussion with IRENA, IFC and Terrawatt Initiative at Intersolar Europe

Photo: Round table discussion between SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force members and representatives of IRENA, IFC and the Terrawatt Initiative

At Intersolar Europe in Munich, SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force organised a round table discussion with representatives from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Terrawatt Initiative. In the meeting, Emerging Markets Task Force members presented their latest activities and discussed cooperation opportunities. In particular, the Task Force’s newest reports on solar investment opportunities in Ivory Coast, Senegal (developed by Finergreen) and Myanmar (developed by ABO Wind) were presented.

IRENA expert Francisco Boshell then spoke about the Agency’s recent work to integrate high shares of solar PV in power systems. His presentation was followed by IFC’s Guido Agostinelli, who presented the Scaling Solar program and IFC’s upcoming priorities. The series of presentations was closed by the Terrawatt Initiative’s Secretary General, Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba, who gave an overview of the Open Solar Contracts, a joint initiative of IRENA and the Terrawatt Initiative. All three guests expressed interest in contributing to the Task Force’s upcoming report on quality assurance for solar PV installations in emerging markets. The Task Force members then discussed future cooperation possibilities and agreed to keep one another informed about upcoming events and reports.


SolarPower Europe signs renewAfrica Declaration of Intent and gets elected to Steering Committee

Photo: Máté Heisz, SolarPower Europe signs renewAfrica Declaration of Intent in Rome
On 4 June in Rome, Emerging Markets Task Force Chair Stefano Mantellassi (Eni) and Máté Heisz (SolarPower Europe) attended an event organised by the RES4Africa Foundation to launch the renewAfrica initiative. In the conference, the initiative was presented to key stakeholders who signed a Declaration of Intent to take part in the programme.
Initiated by the RES4Africa Foundation, the renewAfrica initiative will stimulate the creation of a one-stop-shop innovative EU renewable energy support program covering all investment phases, all renewable energy technologies and addressing all major risks at once.
SolarPower Europe was subsequently elected to the Steering Committee of the renewAfrica initiative. The Steering Committee aims to provide strategic guidance to meet the initiative targets, defining together with the Secretariat the overall timetable, milestones and deliverables of the working groups, approving the final outputs of the working groups and promoting the initiative to attract potential new supporters.

Cooperation agreement bewteen SolarPower Europe and Renewable Energy of Kazahkstan (AREK)

Photo: The Association of Renewable Energy of Kazakhstan (AREK) is a leading association uniting all developers, investors, scientists and supporters of green energy in the country.

SolarPower Europe and the Association of Renewable Energy of Kazakhstan (AREK) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 7 June 2019 to exchange knowledge, best practices and create business opportunities for solar companies in the European and Kazakhstani solar markets.

In 2018, Kazakhstan saw a steady increase in solar power generation, with 150 MW annually installed that year – a threefold growth of total installed capacity. The country has set national goals to reach 3% of renewable energy by 2020, 10% by 2030, and 50% by 2050 and solar can play a major role in achieving these targets.

SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force and AREK are planning to jointly develop a solar market report on Kazakhstan, to be published in September 2019 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Indian delegation received by SolarPower Europe in Brussels

Photo: The Indian delegation together with SolarPower Europe representatives and members
On 11 June, a high-level delegation from India visited SolarPower Europe’s offices in Brussels for a meeting organised as part of a cooperation between SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force and the European Commission.
The main topics of discussion were Operation & Maintenance and asset performance, recycling of end-of-life solar panels and components, and the synergies between solar and storage. An overview of the solar sector in Europe, the opportunities and challenges ahead and the outlook towards 2030 and beyond were also on the agenda.
SolarPower Europe was represented by Deputy CEO Bruce Douglas, along with Senior Advisor Máté Heisz and Policy Analyst Raffaele Rossi. SolarPower Europe members were represented by Constantinos Peonides from Alectris, Kelly Mermuys from 3E, Florian Chapalain from ABB. Thomas Otuszewski from EASE, The European Association for Storage of Energy, also attended the meeting.

Open Solar Contracts launched at Africa Energy Forum in an event hosted by IRENA, the Terrawatt Initiative and SolarPower Europe

Photo: Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba, Secretary General of the Terrawatt Initiative (right) with the experts on the panel, including Emerging Markets Task Force Chair Stefano Mantellassi, Eni (centre)

The Open Solar Contracts were launched at the Africa Energy Forum 2019 (aef2019) on 13 June in Lisbon, during a session organised by SolarPower Europe and co-hosted by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) and Terrawatt Initiative. In the session, the new contracts were presented by IRENA representative Serkan Ata and legal advisor Andrew Gray and discussed with different stakeholders including public authorities and lawyers. The solar industry was represented by Emerging Markets Task Force Chair Stefano Mantellassi (Eni) who underlined the importance of the Open Solar Contracts which are an excellent tool to use in other initiatives such as renewAfrica and the Africa-EU Sustainable Energy Investment Platform.

The Open Solar Contracts are a comprehensive set of contractual documentation to reduce development time and transaction costs that can weigh heavily on the competitiveness of solar energy.

Solar industry stakeholders are invited to download the template contracts here and submit remarks by September 2019 which will be taken into account by IRENA and the Terrawatt Initiative in a final update of the open solar contracts.

Emerging Markets Task Force Chair Stefano Mantellassi to represent SolarPower Europe in Africa-EU Sustainable Energy Investment Platform

Photo: Africa Investment Forum 2018

The EU has recently launched a new Africa-Europe High-Level Platform for Sustainable Energy Investment (SEI Platform), gathering African and European energy practitioners from the private sector, financial institutions, regulators and civil society. The platform’s objective is to provide recommendations on how to leverage public and private investments in sustainable energy in Africa, to help accelerate access to electricity (on/off grid) and clean cooking for human development and sustainable growth.

The initiative is coordinated by a joint DG DEVCO-DG ENER Secretariat and is chaired by Kandeh Yumkella (former UN/SE4ALL). SolarPower Europe, via its Task Force Chair Stefano Mantellassi from Eni, sits in the working group dedicated to regulation and policy. The group has been tasked to identify the minimum regulatory framework required for each energy sector segment (on-grid, mini-grids, home systems etc.) and for energy trading. It also aims at developing specific recommendations for capacity building and institutional actions required to support the deployment of sustainable energy projects in Africa.

The platform will deliver a set of strategic recommendations, which are expected to be endorsed by the European Union and the African Union and jointly presented in November at the African Investment Forum in South Africa.

Based on the discussion so far, solar is clearly identified as one of the technologies that has the strongest potential in Africa. While the experts agree on the key role that electrification is to play in Africa, clean cooking and energy for productive uses, as well as the water and food nexus, are seen as top priorities for which specific actions are to be deployed. On the African front, the agenda set by the African Union revolves around achieving access to energy as a means to support sustainable economic development, with a clear focus on “last mile electrification”, functioning electricity markets and the integration of variable renewables, energy for productive uses and resilience against climate change.

The Africa-Europe High-Level Platform for Sustainable Energy Investment (SEI Platform) is an important testimony of the strong institutional willingness to align the African Union’s and the European Union’s agenda on sustainable energy and electrification in Africa. The platform is working at full steam and a consolidated draft report should be circulated in September ahead of the next platform meeting, which will take place in Cairo, Egypt.

SolarPower Europe to lead on Tunisia, Senegal and Mozambique in IRENA's Coalition for Action Business and Investors Group

Photo: IRENA

In 2019, the Business and Investors Group of IRENA’s Coalition for Action will focus on accelerating the energy transition in the following seven countries: Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, Tunisia and Vietnam. SolarPower Europe will lead on Mozambique, Senegal and Tunisia and thereby pool synergies with the Emerging Markets Task Force’s ongoing activities in these markets. As part of this exercise, Business and Investors Group members will develop short position papers with recommendations for policymakers. The recommendations will be presented to country representatives at the sidelines of the IRENA General Assembly in January 2020 in Abu Dhabi.

The IRENA Coalition for Action forms a key international network of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to share knowledge and exchange best practices with the vision to drive the global energy transition in line with the Sustainable Development Goal on energy. Today, the Coalition brings together over 90 leading renewable energy players including private sector companies, industry associations, civil society, research institutes and intergovernmental organisations. IRENA acts as the Secretariat of the Coalition. The Coalition’s Business and Investors Group is co-chaired by SolarPower Europe and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and engages in activities that address barriers to scaling up renewable energy investments in emerging markets.

SolarPower Europe and Jordanian business association EDAMA sign cooperation agreement and launch joint report on decentralised solar in Jordan

Photo: Her Excellency Hala Zwati Energy Minister, EDAMA Chairman Dr. Dureid Mahasneh, FES Deputy Resident Director Franziska Wehinger with SolarPower Europe representatives Máté Heisz and Naomi Chevillard and partners from EDAMA and FES

On 9 July in Amman, SolarPower Europe and the Jordanian business association EDAMA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen the existing partnership between both associations. As part of the partnership, SolarPower Europe and EDAMA will foster business relations and knowledge exchange between Europe and Jordan. Cooperation topics that have been identified in joint working meetings include Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of solar power plants, digitalisation and storage, and the socio-economic benefits of decentralised solar.

The MOU was signed in the context of a workshop hosted by SolarPower Europe, EDAMA and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in Amman on “Decentralised Solar in Jordan”. At the workshop, the two associations launched a new joint report, which explores the potential and socio-economic benefits of decentralised solar in Jordan and also provides recommendations on the regulatory and procedural framework to help unleash decentralised solar. The workshop and the report were supported by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in the framework of the German-Jordanian Development Cooperation.

Reports, resources and market intelligence

Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2019-2023

SolarPower Europe’s annual award-winning Global Market Outlook for Solar Power is the most authoritative market analysis report for the global solar power sector. In this year’s edition, we have a special focus on the GW-scale solar power markets in 2018 around the globe, as well as a forecast for 2019 GW-scale markets, including markets such as China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam.

To download the Global Market Outlook datasheets, please log in to the Members’ Area of our website.

Ivory Coast, Senegal and Myanmar market reports

At Intersolar Europe, SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force, led by Eni, launched three new reports that explore solar investment opportunities in Senegal, Ivory Coast (authored by Finergreen) and Myanmar (authored by ABO Wind).

SolarPower Europe, EDAMA and FES publish report
on Decentralised Solar in Jordan

The report presents socio-economic benefits of decentralised solar and provides recommendations to policymakers to streamline administrative procedures.

Open Solar Contracts

This complementary 128-page regional report by Solarplaza features detailed profiles and analysis on prolific African solar markets. Africa is quickly becoming one of the most significant regions in the global expansion of the solar PV industry.

Read the report here.

GET.invest launches Market Insight packages for Senegal, Uganda and Zambia
to provide manuals on how to do business in various solar market segments

GET.invest’s freshly published Market Insight packages cover the following countries and market segments:

The Market Insight packages provide condensed, practicable step-by-step manuals on how to do business in market segments and countries, with an emphasis on navigating the policy and regulatory procedures applicable to the business models in different market segments.

To this end, each package includes a ‘how to’ developer guide, model business cases and case studies. Ultimately, readers should be able to deduce their own assessment of opportunities for investment and project development in the countries. The GET.invest Market Insight packages are one of the services GET.invest offers to actors in developing markets to stimulate project development and investment in renewable energy. See this article for more information.  

RES4Africa study analysing more than 100 European financing instruments for renewables

This study developed by pwc on behalf of the RES4Africa Foundation analyses the landscape of existing instruments and proposes the creation of a new European instrument to foster large-scale renewable energy development and private investment in Africa.

Read the report here.

Webinar: Digitalisation & solar in emerging markets

This webinar explores examples of digital solar relevant for emerging markets, such as solar-based microgrids, applying blockchain to enable clean energy systems in emerging markets and digital asset management. Speakers: Louis Shaffer (Eaton), Constantinos Peonides (Alectris), Doug Miller (Energy Web Foundation).

Meet us at upcoming events

Intersolar South America
27-29 August 2019, São Paulo, Brazil

Intersolar Mexico
3-5 September 2019, Mexico City

Session: Digitalisation & solar in Mexico, 3 September 2019.
Workshop: Digitalisation & solar in Mexico, 4 September 2019 (One-day workshop, ASOLMEX and SolarPower Europe members only)

Renewable Energy India Expo

18-30 September 2019, Greater Noida, India

Renewable Energy Summit
25 September 2019, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

RE-Source: Emerging Markets Task Force meeting (SolarPower Europe members only)
2 October 2019, Amsterdam

3rd edition of the Global Renewable Energy Investors Meet & Expo
30 October – 2 November 2019, Greater Noida, India

Digital Solar & Storage: Launch of the “Digitalisation & solar in emerging markets“ report
5-6 November 2019, Brussels

Intersolar India
27-29 November 2019, Bangalore

Upcoming tenders in emerging markets

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