EU-wide solar PV business models

This report is intended as a guide for both professional and non-professional investors and developers to the main application segments, financing schemes and business models for solar PV in Europe. It was developed by SolarPower Europe as part of the PV Financing project. It looks mainly at the self-consumption, Power Purchase Agreement, cooperative and Virtual Power Plant business models, in each case setting out detailed step-by-step processes for how they can be implemented – and indeed combined.

The report also looks at the main sources of financing for solar PV in Europe (self-funding, debt, equity, mezzanine financing, leasing and crowdfunding) and the specifics of the different application segments (single-family houses, multi-family houses, industrial buildings etc). Note the issue of trade defence measures on imports of solar PV and the EU-China Minimum Import Price (MIP) is not covered in this guide, for more information on that see here.

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