SolarPower Summit 2023: Get ready for solar

Brussels, Belgium

Mar 08-09

Tackling the Energy Crisis

The energy crisis is on everyone’s mind. Europe is faced with choices: Reinforced dependency on fossil fuels, or stronger energy security? More LNG terminals, or more solar fields? 


Europe must opt for the right solution to fix the energy crisis. Only solar and renewables will take us out of the energy crisis, reinforce our security, and achieve Europe’s urgent climate goals. 

The energy security finish line is in the distance. Europe is armed with an EU Solar Strategy. The energy crisis is the wind at our backs. To implement the historic solar expansion we need, we have hurdles to overcome. 

How do we make the leap to Europe’s solar terawatt age?  

The race is on. Get ready for solar.



Brussels, Belgium
Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels

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