#SolarWorks Fair


Dec 01

Citizens and companies alike are striving to lower their energy bills with clean, reliable and low-cost solar PV. Even though solar installations are increasing rapidly across the continent, creating many new jobs in the process, solar growth is currently being limited because of the lack of installers.

The demand for #solar is higher than ever, and we cannot let the shortage of skilled workers hold us back. That's why SolarPower Europe is continuing the #SolarWorks project by organising the first #SolarWorksFair on 1 December 2022. At this online job fair, we will connect job seekers to solar companies along the value chain.


During the #SolarWorksFair, we will officially launch the #SolarWorks Platform, which will connect job seekers to solar companies with a skills matching algorithm. Based on a job seeker’s missing skills, relevant trainings are suggested thanks to a broad range of educational institutions, from engineering universities to technical PV installing courses.



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