Kazakhstan: Solar Investment Opportunities

On the 25th of September at Renewable Energy Summit 2019 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force launched a new report analysing solar investment opportunities in Kazakhstan.

The report provides an overview of the country’s business environment, major macroeconomic and demographic trends, assesses issues related to credit and political risks. In addition, the report looks at the country’s energy context, key stakeholders and the regulatory framework relevant for solar investors interested in the Kazakhstani market.

The report was researched and prepared by EXXERGY GmbH with the support of the Task Force members and the Association of Renewable Energy of Kazakhstan (AREK) and is the fifth edition/issue in SolarPower Europe’s  emerging markets series. Previous reports focus on solar investment opportunities in Mozambique, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Myanmar.

Question about the report?

Contact Máté Heisz, Head of International Cooperation

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