Meyer Burger unveils new high-performance solar modules and increased solar manufacturing capacity in Germany

Today, Meyer Burger premiered its high-performance solar modules during a virtual launch. Compared to standard products, these new modules reach an additional energy yield of up to 20%, and are designed for low performance loss from environmental conditions such as heat, low-light exposure or non-perpendicular light incidence. The system is also resilient in avoiding typical ‘microcracks’ through its heterojunction/SmartWire technology; this in turn allows for a longer life of the modules. 

But not only the technological innovation of the modules is of note, but also the local sourcing of the materials involved in production. A production chain is already in motion, in the heart of Europe, to source all the necessary silicon from European manufacturing. The cells and modules are also made in Germany contributing to the supply chain resilience of the European solar industry. Sustainability is also a top priority in the module production as Meyer Burger’s German plants gain all their electricity from renewable sources and the goal is to develop full recycling of the modules.  

Further, Meyer Burger announced two new solar cell and module manufacturing facilities in Bitterfeld-Wolfen and Freiberg, set to be opened at the end of May, with production beginning in June. In the first phase, a nominal annual capacity of 400 MW will be set up, to be expanded to 5 GW by 2026.

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe, said: “The opening of the Meyer Burger factory showcases the opportunities we have to redevelop solar PV manufacturing in Europe and to position solar PV as a key player in the European Industrial Strategy. It is the first step on our path to establish a 20 GW manufacturing capacity for solar PV technologies in Europe, a goal set out in our European Solar Initiative, which was launched in February with Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson and Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton.”

During the digital premier, John Fitzgerald Weaver, a solar consultant and developer, said: “In terms of solar power efficiency, the revolution will be heterojunction. It can deliver the very high efficiency future that we need so much. This Meyer Burger module is also 100% renewable energy manufactured. This is a great step forward in our energy transition.”

Photo (c) Meyer Burger

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