New report on business opportunities during COVID-19 highlights potential of green and digital recovery

EuropeOn, the European electrical contractors’ association, released a new report entitled “Business opportunities since Covid-19: Electrical contractors at the forefront of a green & digital recovery for Europe”. Electrical contractors, a sector that is comprised of over 1.8 million professionals across Europe, aim to trigger a positive reflection on how to bounce back from the crisis thanks to new or rising business opportunities at the crossroads of construction, energy, and mobility. As far as solar energy is concerned, electrical contractors are responsible for installing, operating, integrating, and maintaining solar panels. 

Among the 6 main business opportunities outlined in the report, 2 are particularly relevant to the solar ecosystem: combining green and digital transitions and developing electrical contractors’ service offer. 

The report shows that these business opportunities, although not new, are increasing since the COVID-19 pandemic. By installing and integrating solar PV in residential and tertiary buildings, electrical contractors can unlock the huge potential for smarter buildings: the solar energy generated can power a building while interacting with energy management technologies to reach optimum efficiency. For example, smart charging for electric vehicles is perfect to store excess solar energy in the vehicle batteries to be used at a later time. 

Electrical contractors are shifting from a “product” to a “service” approach. Positioned at the end of the value chain, in direct contact with end-users, electrical contractors can advise clients on a series of upgrades that they can perform in homes and businesses to save energy, foster circularity, and improve predictive maintenance. They are also ideally placed to inform clients on the new support schemes that public authorities are implementing in the field of energy transition.  

Beyond business opportunities, EuropeOn’s report also identifies key enablers (working methods, sector’s attractiveness for new entrants, relation with policymakers and the rest of the value chain) as well as potential threats. It ends with a series of asks for policymakers to support a green, digital, and job-intensive recovery. 

  • Read the full report here
  • Watch the recording of the launch event on 26 January 2021 here

Photo (c) EuropeOn

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