New study: 100% Renewable Europe

SolarPower Europe and LUT University are excited to announce the launch of our new study ‘100% Renewable Europe: How to make Europe’s energy system climate neutral before 2050′. The study is the first of its kind to model a fully renewable pathway to achieving climate neutrality for the European energy system, presenting three transition pathways, with varying levels of ambition. A key finding of the report is that the low ambition pathway in Europe is a burden for society, from both a climate change and economic perspective. The 100% renewable scenarios result in lower per unit energy costs and show that achieving climate neutrality by 2050 is more cost-effective compared to a lower level of ambition.

Key findings from the study: 

  • A 100% renewable energy system enables the EU to become climate neutral before 2050 in the most cost-effective manner
  • A 100% renewable energy system in Europe will lead to sharpest decline in GHG emissions, down to zero by 2040
  • Solar power is set to generate more than 60% of EU’s electricity by 2050
  • EU energy system needs high rate of electrification and sectoral integration

All graphs from the study will be available to download from the Members Area of our website.

On 15 April, we hosted a webinar focusing on the findings of the report. Listen to the webinar here, download the webinar slides here.

The press release can be downloaded here.

If you have questions or comments please contact Michael Schmela, Head of Market Intelligence or Raffaele Rossi, Policy Analyst.

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