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Editorial: SolarPower Europe wins Best European Association – now we roll up our sleeves!

By Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO

Photo: SolarPower Europe wins ‘Best Overall European Association’ at the European Association Awards 2019

I’m delighted to announce that SolarPower Europe has received the award for ‘Best European Association’ at the European Association Awards 2019. The judges commented: “[We] felt this was a well-deserved win! A huge effort by a young, very motivated team… An outstanding application.’’

It is thanks to our members, partners and friends that we have been able to deliver excellent results on all fronts from pioneering events, to market intelligence, to huge policy achievements, positioning us as a leading force in the European energy sector. The award is also a well-deserved recognition of the SolarPower Europe team and re-energises us to reach our vision of more energy generated from solar than any other technology by 2030.

It is worth recapping some of SolarPower Europe’s major policy wins. Leading the push for a higher 2030 renewable target, in June 2018 the EU institutions agreed to a 32% renewable energy target up from 27%.  A positive framework for solar self-consumption was achieved, with the EU Clean Energy Package ensuring a new right to self-generate, consume and store the energy that European homes and businesses produce. You can read more about the Clean Energy Package and our key achievements here.

2018 saw the removal of the trade tariffs on imported solar panels and cells, marking a new era of even more affordable solar for EU citizens, in effect, propelling the energy transition. Another achievement for SolarPower Europe was the launch of the Clean Energy Industrial Forum in January 2018. SolarPower Europe fronted calls for such a forum for the renewables industry, aiming to introduce an industrial strategy for the solar value chain in Europe.

We are not resting on our laurels. A top priority for SolarPower Europe is the adoption of an industrial strategy that will ensure a strong and competitive European solar sector. Last month, SolarPower Europe attended the 2nd Clean Energy Industrial Forum in Brussels where Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, Director-General of DG Energy, Dominique Ristori, and several members of SolarPower Europe were in attendance.

Here we presented our new paper, where we call for the adoption of an ambitious supply side industrial strategy to increase solar jobs to over half a million by 2030 and to guarantee that 20% of Europe’s electricity demand is powered by solar by 2030. Furthermore, we want to encourage policymakers to revise EU regulations and remove all barriers to the development of utility-scale solar and put in place sector coupling policies to foster the uptake of solar across all sectors of the economy.

We are convinced that with ambitious funding programmes and by building on its unique R&D ecosystem, Europe can become a leader in next-generation solar technologies and support industrial-scale manufacturing in cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, the EU should reinitiate negotiations on the Environmental Goods Agreement model and look to remove trade barriers in Europe and abroad. We also need to seize EU energy diplomacy opportunities to generate concrete industrial opportunities for solar companies active in Europe.

We are fast approaching the all-important European Elections that will take place from the 23rd to the 26th of May. The next European Commission should continue to explore the opportunities within the Clean Energy Industrial Forum, that can strengthen our industrial competitiveness, create thousands of clean energy jobs and accelerate solar growth. The EU is emerging as a global leader in renewables, with an industrial strategy in place, we can fast-track the energy transition with solar at its core.

If you are interested in our work on industrial policy, join SolarPower Europe’s High-level Industrial Forum at Intersolar Munich on 16th May. Here we will gather top executives from leading energy and solar companies to discuss SolarPower Europe’s key recommendations for an industrial strategy for solar in Europe.

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SolarPower Europe wins ‘Overall Best European Association’ at the European Association Awards 2019

Highlight: SolarPower Summit 2019

By Kristina Thoring, Communications Director

The SolarPower Summit is SolarPower Europe’s annual flagship event, which brings together over 300 industry representatives from all major energy players, as well as SMEs and a range of decision makers from across the EU and beyond, and is recognised as one of the most important energy events in Brussels.

SolarPower Summit 2019 took place from the 6th to 7th of March in Brussels, Belgium.

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Interview: BayWa r.e.

By Meghann Kissane, Junior Communications Advisor

Photo: Günter Haug, Managing Director of BayWa r.e.
SolarPower Europe talked with Günter Haug, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. about the successes of 2018, the next big trends in solar O&M, and BayWa r.e.’s upcoming Energy Report 2019 analysing European attitudes towards corporate sourcing of renewable energy.
Reflecting on the successful year 2018, what were BayWa r.e.’s key successes and main achievements? And what does the coming year look like for BayWa r.e.?
One of our key successes in 2018 was the strong development of our international project business: In total, we sold 21 renewable energy projects in Europe and beyond, with a capacity of about 450 MW. By doing so, we were able to exceed the results of the previous year and managed to make an important contribution to the energy transition. Our 2018 milestone project was the 175 MWp solar park Don Rodrigo, which was sold to an investor end of last year. It is the first solar plant of its kind in Europe to be realized without any state subsidies.
Besides the project business, we also strengthened our leading role in the international PV wholesale business. Part of this development was the partnership with Mexico’s leading PV distributor DMSolar in October 2018. In the O&M business, we were able to enlarge our portfolio to more than 5.5 Gigawatt while at the same time driving our digitalization process forward.
This very successful development continues in 2019: Our project pipeline for the next years is filling up well with a total capacity of 10 GW in the wind and solar sector. With falling LCOEs (levelized cost of electricity) for solar, driven by the decreasing costs of solar modules, one of our key topics for 2019 will be the development of subsidy-free projects, which hold a lot of exciting opportunities and business cases in Europe and worldwide. The decreasing costs will also play a crucial role in driving the development of residential, commercial and industrial solar. We will look to expand our portfolio of energy solution in these segments.
As the Task Force leader of SolarPower Europe’s Operations & Maintenance Task Force, O&M is an important segment for BayWa r.e. What do you expect to be the next big trend in solar O&M?

There is no doubt that digitalization is transforming the renewable energy sector – this is also true for solar O&M: Contractors are increasingly relying on innovations and more machine and data-driven solutions, which will have a significant impact on the future O&M market.

There are various trends which we were analyzing in the third version of SPE’s “O&M Best Practices Guidelines”. One of the most important trends is the use of smart and data-driven monitoring systems that have the potential to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar plants in a significant way.

Another growing opportunity in solar O&M is the need to revamp or repower existing plants, in which higher than expected performance degradation has occurred due to poor component quality or unprofessional plant design and construction by the original EPC contractor. The role of the “best performers” O&M players, i.e. those complying with the Best Practice Guidelines, in designing and executing revamping projects is becoming one of the most evident trends in this sector.

In cooperation with the RE Source Platform, BayWa r.e. will soon publish the ‘BayWa r.e. Energy Report 2019’ which analyses European attitudes towards corporate sourcing of renewable energy. As the first opinion survey carried out among 1,200 companies across Europe – can you give us a preview on the main takeaways from this report?

The facts are straightforward: The deployment of renewable energy must increase six-fold in order to meet the Paris Agreement goals. This increase will require fundamental shifts in current national and European policies, as well as in corporate behaviour, procurement and investment strategies worldwide.

The first results of the Energy Report 2019 clearly show that European companies are on board when it comes to driving these shifts. The reasons for this concordant ambition vary from the desire to create a green image for the customer, the intention to save on energy costs or the conviction that companies have a social obligation to contribute to climate protection. Crucial is that most companies surveyed already have tangible sustainability targets and concrete investment plans for corporate sourcing, energy efficiency or e-mobility.

These ambitions clearly show that European companies have the chance to become one of the major drivers in accelerating the energy transition. If you want to know which of the countries surveyed are frontrunners in corporate sourcing, and which barriers energy suppliers, businesses, and European governments need to overcome along the way, register now at and be the first to receive the full report.

BayWa r.e. is one of only eight of SolarPower Europe’s over 200 members that have become active in our highest membership category as a Sponsor Member.

Meet us at Intersolar Europe 2019!

By Lorena Morales González, Event and Marketing Assistant and Meghann Kissane, Junior Communications Advisor

Photo: SolarPower Europe

15-17 May 2019, Munich, Germany

Meet the team at booth B2.111 (Hall B2) or during the following events:

Tuesday 14th May

Emerging Markets Task Force meeting

Room number: 21a

Time: 9:00 – 12:00

SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force invites all Intersolar visitors to join this Task Force meeting to learn about the ongoing initiatives of SolarPower Europe in emerging markets such as India, Mozambique, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast and more.

Registration: To register please contact Máté Heisz. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis (Only 20 places available).

Digitalisation & Storage Task Force Meeting

Room number: 21a

Time: 14:00 – 17:00

This will be a joint workshop of the SolarPower Europe Digitalisation and Storage Task Forces, to look at how new digital solutions will be essential to the effective integration of PV and storage into the grid going forwards and to deliver the fully flexible energy system required to reach a near 100% renewable electricity system. The session will also present and move forward on SolarPower Europe’s work assessing the use of digital technologies in emerging markets.

Registration: To register please contact Naomi Chevillard. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis (Only 20 places available).

Joint Conference BBQ

Location: ICM Garden/Foyer

Time: 18:00-21:00

The Joint Conference Barbecue is a great opportunity to network with SolarPower Europe team and members and other professionals in the Solar sector.

Registration: Please register through this link

Wednesday 15th of May

Solar mobility Task Force meeting

Room number: 21a

Time: 15:00 – 17:00

The aim of the meeting is to exchange on the new business models of solar mobility and their potential for the solar and transport industry, which should feed into the mapping of Solar Mobility business models made by the Task Force. The meeting will then discuss the policies and measures needed to support such business models.

Registration: To register please contact Naomi Chevillard. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis (Only 20 places available).


High Level Industrial Forum

Room number: 2

Time Conference: 10:00 – 11:30

More information coming soon. Stay tuned!

O&M side event: Innovations and Trends

Room number: 2

Time: 13:00 – 15:00

Innovations in solar O&M services are anticipated to reduce the levelised cost of electricity by improvements in OPEX and power plant availability and hence by net Annual Energy Production. In this session, we will discuss what are the latest trends and most innovative solutions in the field of solar Operations & Maintenance, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive algorithms, IoT, drones, cleaning robots or anti-soiling and anti-reflective coatings and how O&M contractors are increasingly relying on them to improve performance and to keep up with market requirements.

Registration: Please register through this link. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis (Only 120 places available).

Thursday 16th May

Global Solar Association Workshop

Room number: 2

Time: 16:00 – 18:00

The German Solar Association (BSW-Solar), SolarPower Europe (SPE), and Global Solar Council (GSC) co-host the Global Associations workshop, which will bring together national solar associations from across the world. The workshop will give you a better understanding of solar PV market development worldwide, keep you up to date with national regulatory frameworks and share best practices. SolarPower Europe will also present the main findings of its 2019 Global Market Outlook for Solar.

Registration: You can register through this link. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis (Only 120 places available).

SolarPower Europe Booth Party

Time: 18:00 -20:00

Room: Stand B2 111

SolarPower Europe has recently been awarded ‘Overall Best European Association’ at the European Association Awards (EAA). Join us at our booth to celebrate this great success with our team and members!

Registration: No registration needed, open to all Intersolar visitors.

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SolarPower Europe and Solar Promotion sign agreement

By Meghann Kissane, Junior Communications Advisor

Photo: Markus Elsaesser, Solar Promotion and Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe sign the Intersolar agreement in Brussels

SolarPower Europe and Solar Promotion, organisers of the Intersolar events, signed an agreement at SolarPower Europe’s offices in Brussels. The agreement seeks to strengthen collaborations between both parties regarding Intersolar events, such as The smarter E Europe and ees.

SolarPower Europe will launch the renowned Global Market Outlook for Solar at Intersolar Europe. Come meet us at our booth B2.111, to pick up your copy of the report and learn more about the work of the association.

Intersolar Europe will take place from the 15th to the 17th of May in Munich, Germany.

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Emerging Markets Task Force launches report on solar opportunities in Mozambique

By Máté Heisz, Business Analyst

Photo: Shutterstock / Sebastian Noethlichs

On 7 March at the SolarPower Summit, SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force, led by Eni, launched a new report that explores the investment opportunities for solar in Mozambique. The report is the first in a series to examine solar potential in new markets.

Commenting on the report, Stefano Mantellassi, Vice-President of Eni Energy Solutions and Chair of the Emerging Markets Task Force, said: “Mozambique’s solar potential is very significant, at an estimated 23,000 GW. While it is now virtually untapped, the great variety of international actors supporting the development of the renewables market will help kick start new projects and foster fresh investment. The rising electricity demand, the rapid demographic growth and access to the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) make Mozambique a promising environment for both utility-scale and off-grid projects, for domestic use and export.”

The Mozambique report provides a snapshot of the country’s business environment and gives an overview of the major demographic and macroeconomic trends. It also analyses issues related to the country’s credit and political risk. The report focuses on the energy context, relevant actors and the regulatory framework for investments in renewables. In 2019, the task force will publish country reports on Algeria, India, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Myanmar, Senegal, Tanzania and Tunisia.

Download the report here.

Subscribe to the Emerging Markets newsletter here or contact Máté Heisz to learn more about the Emerging Markets Task Force.

SolarPower Europe and EU PVSEC announce collaboration

By Kristina Thoring, Communications Director

Photo: Walburga Hemetsberger (CEO, SolarPower Europe) and Peter Helm (EU PVSEC)

SolarPower Europe is pleased to announce that we will be supporting this year’s edition of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC). On the 6th of March at the SolarPower Summit, Peter Helm, CEO of EU PVSEC, and Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe, signed a collaboration agreement for EU PVSEC 2019, which will take place in Marseille, France from the 9th to the 13th of September.

This will be the 36th edition of EU PVSEC, the largest international conference for photovoltaic research, technologies and applications, and one of the world’s top PV industry exhibitions. It gathers the global solar PV community to conduct business, to network and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in photovoltaics. It is the world-renowned, science-to-science, business-to-business, and science-to-industry platform with a full and sole focus on the global solar PV sector.

For more information on EU PVSEC 2019, visit the event page here.

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SolarPower Europe: Four Board Directors Elected

By Kristina Thoring, Communications Director

Photo: SolarPower Europe. L-R: Jaideep S. Sandhu (ENGIE), Stefan Degener (First Solar GmbH), Walburga Hemetsberger (CEO, SolarPower Europe), Gerald Patrick Müller (LONGi Solar), Christian Westermeier (President, SolarPower Europe).

On 6 March 2019, four Directors were elected to the SolarPower Europe board.

Christian Westermeier, President of SolarPower Europe commented on the outcome of the election: “We are very pleased with our newly elected board members, who represent leading solar market players. They bring a diverse set of strengths and experiences to the leadership of SolarPower Europe, which will be a great asset to the association in the coming years.”

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe said: “It is an exciting time for solar in Europe; our clean energy technology is set to grow significantly over the next years. It is very positive to see such outstanding professionals elected to the board of SolarPower Europe, who will support us in delivering our vision: to ensure that more energy is generated by solar than any other energy source by 2030.”

“Stefan Degener (First Solar), Gerald Patrick Muller (LONGi Solar) and Jeremy Leggett (Solarcentury) have made valuable contributions to the board in the last years. We are delighted to have Jaideep Sandhu (Engie) adding his extensive expertise to the board,” added Hemetsberger.

The elected Vice President and Directors of the Board are:

  • Stefan Degener (Vice-President) – First Solar
  • Jaideep Sandhu – Engie
  • Gerald Patrick Müller – LONGi Solar
  • Jeremy Leggett – Solarcentury

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EU Sustainable Finance

By Sonia Dunlop, Senior Policy Advisor

Photo: Shutterstock / Romolo Tavani

SolarPower Europe is now actively following the European Commission’s sustainable finance action plan to ensure that we make the most of all the opportunities to reduce costs of capital and increase financing for PV in Europe. With the input of the Environmental Footprint Task Force we submitted a consultation response to the Commission’s Technical Expert Group on the details of the taxonomy to ensure that the criteria within this framework reflect existing standards and practices in the solar industry and in EU regulation. We have also submitted a consultation response to the European Investment Bank on its energy lending policy, urging it to make European solar industrial strategy a key priority and suggesting new financial mechanisms that would be beneficial to PV.

If you want to get involved in our work on sustainable finance, contact Raffaele Rossi, Policy Analyst at SolarPower Europe.

Corporate sourcing: submit your case study

By Sonia Dunlop, Senior Policy Advisor

Photo: Bloomberg NEF

The work of the RE-Source Platform continues apace with more and more focus on national policy barriers and the creation of national hubs for each of the priority countries identified by the RE-Source Steering Committee.

We are also keen to have any case studies members have of corporate sourcing deals (PPAs, on-site and otherwise), for our report on the 14 models of corporate sourcing.

Submit your case study to Mariano Guillén, Policy Advisor at SolarPower Europe

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SolarPower Europe talks green associations at the European Associations Summit

By Meghann Kissane, Junior Communications Advisor

Photo: EAS

On 28 February, SolarPower Europe’s Bruce Douglas spoke at the European Associations Summit in Brussels on the topic of sustainable associations.

The session focused on sustainability and ‘what it takes to be a green association’. The presentation concentrated on setting internal action plans, taking example from SolarPower Europe’s Environmental management action plan, which references the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and further outlines 5 key targets for ensuring sustainability in the workplace: Waste management, Resource use, Travel, Procurement, and Engagement and review.

EAS 2019 was held from the 28th of February to the 1st of March and marked the seventh consecutive year of the event. It was organised by in collaboration with leading partners in the sector: European Society of Association Executives (ESAE), Federation of European & International Associations Based in Belgium (FAIB) and Union of International Associations (UIA).

SolarPower Europe attends Solar Mayors’ Club Kick-Off Meeting

By Raffaele Rossi, Policy Analyst

Photo: Raffaele Rossi speaking at Solar Mayors' Club Kick-Off meeting

The need for cheap, abundant and green electricity is set to increase around the globe in the future. Thanks to a rapid decrease in costs that reduced module prices by 90% in the last 10 years, solar has the power to provide affordable energy at both centralised and decentralised level. At city level, solar plays a paramount role as it enables the development and transformation of the energy system through an effective bottom-up strategy of citizen involvement.

Under this rationale, UNDP Moldova, UNDP AltFinLab and Citizenergy launched a new initiative called The Solar Mayors, aiming to create a sustainable platform for collaboration between local-level governments, civic actors, the private sector and citizens. The kick-off meeting of this new platform, which SolarPower Europe was invited to attend, took place on 18-19 March in Lisbon with the aim of discussing how connecting innovation, investment and civic engagement can boost urban solar energy projects.

Raffaele Rossi, Policy Analyst at SolarPower Europe, opened the first day session with a presentation of the latest market trends for solar in Europe and around the world. With the price of utility-scale solar now steadily below any conventional generation source, the European market has a very positive outlook for the future – especially in the EU, where the market grew 36% year-on-year in 2018 and is forecast to grow even more in 2019. With an increasing number of countries relying on solar to meet their energy needs and renewable targets, more market diversification is expected in the future.

The event brought together several crowdfunding platforms and municipalities willing to embrace solar as the backbone of their energy transition. Crowdfunding platforms including Lendahand, Space Hive, Sun Exchange, Zez Invest and Go Parity had the opportunity to present their business models to municipalities from Moldova, Tajikistan, Georgia, Croatia, Portugal, Lebanon, Somalia and Serbia. Through this workshop, cities sought to identify the best fitting approach to enable grassroot financing for their solar energy transition. In addition, the workshop explored different emerging technologies such as blockchain for solar and debated how digital currencies can support the green energy transition.

During the second day of the event, mayors gathered at the Lisbon Municipality town hall to sign the Solar Mayors Club Charter, officially connecting cities under the Solar Mayors initiative.

SolarPower Europe’s Global Market Outlook 2019-2023, including complete data for 2018 installed capacity and market forecasts until 2023, will be published on 15 May at Intersolar Europe 2019.

Advertise in SolarPower Europe's Global Market Outlook

By Alex Howe, Business Development Officer

Photo: SolarPower Europe

The most comprehensive solar global market report is back for 2019… and you can be in it!

Have your brand or product displayed in SolarPower Europe’s annual award-winning Global Market Outlook for Solar Power, the most authoritative market report for the global solar power sector.

With comprehensive historical market data, five-year forecasts for the main global markets, as well as an analysis of the role that solar is playing in the European energy system, the Global Market Outlook for Solar Power is an essential tool for the global solar sector and energy stakeholders alike. As an internationally respected report, the Global Market Outlook offers some of the most in-depth and comprehensive analytical information on solar to date.

On top of winning Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence at the 2018 European Association Awards, the report received incredible international success:

  • Downloaded over 15,000 times
  • 3,000 hard copies distributed at the sector’s major events
  • 150+ media articles in the global press

Your company can be a part of this impactful report and have your brand be seen by every corner of the solar sector. Among many other topics, the report delves into the latest trends and technologies introduced in the industry this year and takes a deep dive into what’s next not only for European solar, but global solar as well. From advancements and improvements on existing technologies to new adoptions and innovations in the industry, the Global Market Outlook comprehensively takes a look at what the solar sector is today, and what it can become in the future.

The report will be launched at Intersolar Europe in May 2019 and has a profound outreach across the solar sector. If you would like your brand to take part in this internationally recognized report, we offer various tiers of advertisements, so you can promote your message or product, while showing the world your support of the most authoritative market report for the global solar power sector. The tiers of advertisements are:

– Front cover inside advertisement page – 4,000 EUR* (1 available)

– Back cover inside advertisement page – 3,500 EUR* (1 available) 

– Full page advertisement – 3,000 EUR* (4 available)

– Half-page horizontal advertisement – 2,000 EUR* (4 available)

– Quarter-page horizontal advertisement – 1,000 EUR* (2 available)

*For SolarPower Europe non-Members prices are 20% higher.

Contact Alex Howe at or at +32 02 709 55 46 to book your spot, or if you have any other questions.

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Photo of the month

By Kristina Thoring, Communications Director

Photo courtesy of: MASLOWATEN

Solar-powered irrigation system in Portugal

This solar-powered irrigation system in Alter do Chão, Portugal can help reduce water consumption in agriculture by letting farmers know exactly how much water is needed and when.


Autarco unveils new high power combination for SDE+ projects at Solar Solutions

Silverpoint™ solar panel technology and next-generation UX inverter series

Autarco, the world’s most innovative total solution brand has just launched its new Silverpoint™ solar panel technology and next generation UX inverter series. Solar Solutions 2019 is the blue-ribbon event of the booming Netherlands solar industry. At the booth of Autarco, visitors can see the most powerful system combination on the exhibition floor.

Silverpoint™ Solar Panel Technology

Autarco’s Silverpoint solar panel is a back-contact solar panel with power up to 330Wp in a 60 cell format. The panel has a 30 year power output guarantee insured by Lloyd’s of London. The total system’s business case is covered by the kWhGuarantee Foundation, also insured by Lloyd’s.

The Silverpoint solar panel technology replaces busbars with 36 tiny holes filled with silver paste on each cell, hence the name Silverpoint. Current flows through these holes into a copper sheet with conductive paths to the junction box – completely removing the need for busbars.

The benefits of this advanced technology don’t stop with higher efficiency and lower degradation; Silverpoint solar panels have improved temperature performance, greater durability with a 5400Pa front load capacity and weigh the same as traditional solar panels. The full black version for residential applications is elegantly beautiful and delivers a deeper and more consistent black.

Installers seeking affordable high power solar panels have increasingly been using half-cut solar cells. Many component factories promote these solar panels as the next step in solar evolution, despite the increased risk of soldering issues, microcracks and busbar corrosion. Meanwhile, Autarco leaps directly to the future by doing away with busbars entirely. CEO Roel van den Berg explains: “We believe there are advantages to half-cut technology and we aren’t saying we won’t ever offer solar panels with cut cells, but we are saying we won’t do them with the old busbar technology – the risks aren’t worth the reward”

Similarly, installers with a keen eye on the fundamentals of a long term business case are also looking for modules with lower degradation. They often turn to glass-glass modules which causes significant issues in a rooftop situation due to the additional weight. The Silverpoint technology provides the durability of a glass-glass module, without the reduced power output and weight problems.

Next-generation UX Inverter Series

Autarco UX inverters offer the best and most reliable performance in its class. Optimized for commercial and industrial projects, the UX series includes inverters from 40kW to 70kW. With a remarkable max efficiency of 99% and 4 independent MPPT’s with max input current of 28.5A they match perfectly with high power solar panels like the Silverpoint series.

The inverter is a key element in any solar PV power plant and Autarco inverters provide the reliable basis for the unique kWh Guarantee.

In addition, The UX series comes with free use of Autarco’s advanced monitoring, operations and asset management tools which ensure optimal performance of the system and a carefree future for installers.

In summary, there is no better choice for an SDE+ project than a total Autarco solution that is powered by Silverpoint technology and UX series inverters to deliver a business case that is secured by an insured kWh Guarantee.

EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)

Brussels, 17-21 June 2019 – Let’s shape Europe’s energy future, together

Every year, the European Commission (Directorate-General for Energy and Executive Agency for SMEs) organises the EU SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK (EUSEW) – the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe.

The 14th edition will take place from 17 to 21 June 2019, with the policy conference taking place in Brussels from 18 to 20 June 2019. This year’s theme is ‘Shaping Europe’s energy future’, and it will cover a series of activities with an EU-wide scope.

How to take part in EUSEW

Everyone brings something different to EUSEW. It is an ideal platform for sharing ideas, knowhow, and forging alliances to advance the Energy Union:

  • Host or attend the Policy Conference. The biggest European conference dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe.
  • Apply or vote for the EUSEW Awards. A recognition of outstanding activities and projects in the categories of Engagement, Innovation, Leadership and Youth. A public vote will decide the Citizens’ Award.
  • Present or attend the Networking Village. A space for the EUSEW community to exchange ideas and make new connections to promote sustainable energy innovation.
  • Organise or participate at Energy Days. Activities and events near you and all around Europe that raise awareness about energy efficiency and renewables

More information about EUSEW

Intersolar Summit Spain

18 June 2019, Barcelona, Spain – Spain’s first-choice conference for solar energy and corporate sourcing

SolarPower Europe and Spanish Solar Association, UNEF, have teamed up with the Intersolar organisers to shed light on Europe’s new solar boom market Spain with the Intersolar Summit Spain. The PV market development in Spain, the chances and opportunities of the announced grid parity, corporate sourcing models, regulation and policy issues will be discussed. The event will bring together the key stakeholders in this market, which is being driven by auctions and increasingly by subsidy-free corporate sourcing of solar power.

Are you interested in increasing your brand awareness in Spain or are you looking for companies searching for corporate sourcing deals? If the answer to one of these questions is “yes”, you should definitely have a deeper look into our sponsoring possibilities. As a sponsor you have the unique possibility to:

  • Promote your company at the accompanying table top exhibition
  • Be part of the conference program (Diamond and Gold sponsors only)
  • Establish new business partnerships with 200+ attendees
  • Meet buyers and push forward your corporate sourcing deals

Download the sponsoring package flyer

Download the application form

Intersolar South America

The smarter E South America, 27-29 August 2019, São Paulo, Brazil – Join LATAM’s innovation hub for the new energy world!

Solar is the fastest growing power generation source worldwide. Market analysts agree that Latin America will account for over 10% of global solar demand by 2022. Spearheaded by several key markets such as Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, opportunities for solar PV are being pushed by clean energy generation targets, competitive auctions, corporate procurement and increased utilization of distributed generation. The growing number of photovoltaic installations is stimulating the electricity storage market. For Central and South America, analysts predict that more than 1.4 GW of energy storage will be installed by 2025. In order to guarantee supply safety, profitability and sustainability, decentralized energy systems must be intelligently and efficiently controlled and connected with each other. Energy management systems significantly help to enhance efficiency and save energy, to raise the on-site consumption of self-generated energy, and to ease the burden on the power grids.

Be in the center of the growing Brazilian solar, energy storage and energy management markets at Intersolar South America, ees South America and Eletrotec + EM-Power. The three parallel events take place in São Paulo on August 27–29, 2019 at LATAM’s innovation hub for the new energy world – The smarter E South America.

In 2019, the Special Exhibition Power2Drive will additionally highlight the significance of electric cars for the energy mix and transport of the future.

Focusing on the generation, storage, distribution and use of energy and the ways in which these aspects interact and can be intelligently combined, The smarter E South America brings together international stakeholders in the energy future from across the world’s most influential markets. Don’t miss it!

Find out more about The smarter E South America

Exhibitor Information

Intersolar Mexico

Enter the hot and promising Mexican solar market!

Save the date!

Exhibition Date:                September 03–05, 2019 I World Trade Center (Pepsi Center), Mexico City

Forecasts rank Mexico fifth for expected new solar capacity by 2021, with 10 GW capacity –  84% growth! The elimination of the import duty on solar module imports will spur growth in Mexico in the years to come. National and international solar business is welcome.

Making its debut in 2019, Intersolar Mexico serves as the industry’s go-to source for invaluable technology trends and premier B2B contacts in the promising Mexican solar market. The event takes place in the World Trade Center (Pepsi Center) in Mexico City from September 3–5, 2019 and is co-located with THE GREEN EXPO®.

Together, the two events will be the largest gathering of professionals in Mexico for international manufacturers and distributors looking to meet regional buyers in the fields of solar, renewable energy and cleantech industry. More than 250 exhibitors and 13,000 visitors from over 35 countries are expected to participate in this year’s events. Intersolar Mexico sits at the cross-section of photovoltaics, solar heating & cooling technologies, and energy storage. 

Make critical business connections that drive your business forward and build brand awareness in the upcoming solar market worldwide. Being involved means having your finger on the pulse of the industry and always staying a step ahead of the competition.

Join us on the road to Mexico’s bright solar energy future – the time is now!

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