O&M Best Practices Guidelines 3.0

SolarPower Europe launched its “Operation & Maintenance Best Practices Guidelines Version 3.0” report at the O&M and Asset Management Conference in London. Building on the success of the previous edition, version 3.0 dives deeper into innovative business models to improve O&M services with new sections on re-powering, rooftop O&M and digital solutions.

Europe is the continent with the oldest solar fleet and therefore has considerable amount of expertise in solar O&M. O&M, being the most job and value intensive segment in the solar power value chain in Europe, is responsible for about one third of all solar jobs created and gross value added: it is indeed a segment of great importance.

The members of the SolarPower Europe O&M Task Force have decided to put on paper and share in these Best Practices Guidelines their know-how and experience in this field. The Guidelines were first published in 2016 to address quality issues in solar O&M and by 2018, they have become a living document with an active community behind, today already consisting of nearly one hundred top experts from nearly 50 companies.

Key findings in tweets

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) has become a standalone segment within the #solar industry and it is widely acknowledged by all stakeholders that high-quality O&M services mitigate potential risks, improve the levelised Cost of Electricity (lCOE) and Power Purchase agreement (PPa) prices, and positively impact the return on investment (rOi).

Responding to the discrepancies that exist in today’s #solar O&M market, the SolarPower Europe O&M Best Practices Guidelines make it possible for all to benefit from the experience of leading experts in the sector and increase the level of quality and consistency in O&M.

O&M contractors are increasingly relying on innovations and more machine and data-driven solutions to keep up with market requirements.

It is important that all O&M personnel have the relevant qualifications to perform the works in a safe, responsible and accountable manner. These Guidelines contain a skills’ matrix template that helps to record skills and identify gaps.

O&M is a crucial segment in the solar power value chain in Europe, it is responsible for about one third of all #solar jobs created and gross value added. SolarPower Europe are committed to supporting the industry to improve best practices to deliver the most efficient, innovative and cost-effective solar healthcare services

Question about the report?

Contact Máté Heisz, Senior Advisor and Project Manager for International Cooperation

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