Operations & Maintenance Best Practices Guidelines Version 2.0

Operation and maintenance (O&M) has become a standalone segment within the solar industry and it is widely acknowledged by all stakeholders that high-quality O&M services mitigate potential risks, improve the Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) prices, and positively impact the return on investment (ROI).
Responding to the discrepancies that exist in today’s solar O&M market, the SolarPower Europe O&M Best Practices Guidelines make it possible for all to benefit from the experience of leading experts in the sector and increase the level of quality and consistency in O&M. These Guidelines are meant for O&M contractors as well as investors, financiers, asset owners, asset managers, monitoring tool providers, technical consultants and all interested stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

This document begins by contextualising O&M by explaining the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders such as the asset manager, the operation service provider and the maintenance provider, and by providing an overview of technical and contractual terms to achieve a common understanding of the subject. It then walks the reader through the different components of O&M, classifying requirements into ‘minimum requirements’, ‘best practices’ and ‘recommendations’.

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