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The achievement of climate neutrality by 2050 will necessitate a deep transformation of our economy, society, and natural environment. In this context, managing a successful transition to a 100% renewable energy system and towards a more sustainable agri-food system will be essential

Agricultural photovoltaics (“Agri-PV”) offers an opportunity to enable the achievement of both the sustainable agriculture and clean energy transitions. Agri-PV refers to the combination of agricultural infrastructure with photovoltaic installations.

This way, solar contributes to make agriculture more sustainable, competitive, and resilient to climate change. Furthermore, it is fully beneficial to farmers, with whom the solar sector is working to improve agricultural yields while simultaneously generating clean electricity.


Through the Agri-PV Workstream, SolarPower Europe is actively contributing to increase the sustainability of Europe’s agricultural system. Among others, we are developing the answers to the following questions:

  • How can the synergies between solar pv and sustainable agricultural practices be maximised?
  • What role can solar play in the future Common Agricultural Policy and within the Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plans for Rural Development?
  • What is needed to ensure the sustainability of Agri-PV projects, from an agricultural, financial, and environmental perspective?

Join SolarPower Europe’s Agri-PV Workstream

The aim of the Agri-PV workstream is to boost the deployment of Agri-PV solutions across Europe by shaping the EU’s agricultural and energy policy agendas.

If you are interested in joining this  workstream, contact Miguel Herrero Cangas

Photo: ©Sun’Agri



"Agri-PV is a magnificent opportunity for both the solar and agricultural sectors. By working together, we can fully tap into the synergies that will make Agri-PV a win-win solution for all stakeholders."

Eva Vandest, Head of Public Affairs

Chair of the Agri-PV Workstream 

Photo: ©Sun’Agri

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