Corporate sourcing
of solar power

Corporate sourcing of solar and renewables is a growing phenomenon. The market of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Europe has grown to a cumulative capacity of over 6 GW.

Globally, more than 150 corporations have committed to procure 100% renewable electricity to power their operations, together accounting for 188 TWh of yearly consumption.

Several deals have been signed in Europe in recent years, providing major corporate buyers with reliable and competitively-priced power, but the potential for more is huge.
PPAs are currently concentrated in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain. Expanding this potential will require clarifying the legal framework for PPAs and empowering renewable electricity generators to make use of Guarantees of Origin.

SolarPower Europe works to improve traceability of green electricity for corporate consumers, and build on these promising business models to scale up the deployment of solar and renewables in Europe.

Companies aiming for 100% clean energy supply need to be able to track the original sourcing of their electrons (guarantees of origin). A new criteria to value additionality would foster corporate investments in new capacities, therefore contributing to the achievement of EU’s climate and energy targets.

SolarPower Europe has co-founded the RE-Source Platform, a European alliance of stakeholders representing clean energy buyers and suppliers for corporate renewable energy sourcing. The platform pools resources and coordinates activities to promote a better framework for corporate renewable energy sourcing at EU and national level.

RE-Source Platform

SolarPower Europe, WindEurope, RE100 and WBCSD have established the RE-Source Platform. It is the first and only multi-stakeholder platform in Europe bringing together the interests of both renewable energy buyers and sellers. Read more

Webinar: On-site vs off-site corporate sourcing

Corporate sourcing newsletter

SolarPower Europe’s Corporate Sourcing newsletter intends to encourage a direct exchange with SolarPower Europe members on the issue of corporate sourcing.

If you want to receive our Corporate Sourcing newsletter, please contact Mercè Labordena.

Introduction to corporate sourcing of renewable energy in europe

This report outlines the main business models of corporate renewable sourcing in Europe. Download the report

This report is part of the Renewable Energy Buyer’s Toolkit which has been developed to provide information, raise awareness and ultimately help you to enter the market for corporate sourcing of renewable electricity. The tools are designed to help unlock the huge potential for corporate sourcing of renewables and make a real impact for the transition to a low carbon society. Download the toolkit

In pictures:

RE-Source 2019 - 2-3 October, Amsterdam

"Corporations are the new driving force
of the renewable energy transition"

Benedikt Ortmann, Managing Director, BayWa r.e. Solar Projects


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