Europe is committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This unprecedented challenge will require EU energy systems to transform rapidly by leveraging significant amounts of investments over the coming decades. The financial sector is at a tipping point while investor preferences are shifting towards clean energy technologies, and sustainability factors increasingly affect the risks, returns and value of investments. However, EU countries face a wide range of obstacles and challenges that slow down the deployment of solar projects, of any form and size.


SolarPower Europe’s Finance workstream is committed to developing adequate solutions for the solar industry.

The Finance workstream will focus our work on shaping the European Agenda, since policymakers should reduce the market and regulatory risks faced by the solar sector; facilitate a dialogue between financial investors from the private and public sector, law firms and solar project developers to exchange on solutions for our members; inform our members; and inform our members about the best-practices for risk mitigation, innovative business models and financing schemes for solar projects.

Join SolarPower Europe’s Finance Workstream

The aim of the Finance workstream is to develop adequate solutions for the solar industry as well as ensure that the solar sector takes the opportunities arising from innovative business models, financing schemes and strategies for developers and private investors, that are key to take solar to the next stage of development in a post-subsidy era.

If you are interested in joining this  workstream, contact Mercè Labordena



"Accessible finance will be a pivotal issue to fast-track the adoption of solar PV and meet the 2050 climate neutrality goal set by the EU. The work in the Finance workstream will be particularly relevant as we charter the post-subsidy era."

Bryan Dufour, Strategy Manager, Renewable Energy at UL

Chair of the Finance Workstream 

Webinar: Shining beyond subsidies



Digitalisation & Solar in Mexico

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