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Digitalisation is changing the energy world from today into tomorrow. The European energy transition and the digital transition will go hand in hand – and policymakers must think smart and provide solutions for a fully flexible energy system based on zero marginal cost solar power.

Solar is already contributing to a sustainable energy system and will be crucial for the success of the European energy transition as it empowers citizens and offers them new ways of selling, controlling, and gaining revenue from solar smart installations.

Digitalisation also contributes the successful integration of all sectors of the economy, providing solar companies with a whole new world to explore. Through our Digitalisation and Solar Workstream, SolarPower Europe is developing the answers to the following questions and many others:

  • How can digital technologies help unlock the full potential of solar in Europe?
  • How is digitalisation transforming the solar energy sector, from asset management to Artificial Intelligence, and from blockchain to the Internet of Things?
  • What are the opportunities and barriers for solar that arise from an increasing adoption of digital technologies, including smart meters, smart buildings, and smart grids?
  • How can digital technologies increase the full potential of operation efficiency of the solar plants?
  • How can digital technologies drive a more customer centric energy transition?
  • How could the solar industry best approach cyberthreats and data protection in an ever-increasing digital and interconnected Europe?
  • How might the digital solar industry world look in the next 10 years?
  • How will the solar industry 4.0 look like?

Join SolarPower Europe’s Digitalisation and Solar Workstream

The aim of the Digitalisation and Solar Workstream is to ensure that the solar sector in Europe takes the opportunities arising from the digitalisation of the energy system.

If you are interested in joining this Workstream, contact Mercè Labordena.



"Digitalisation is a major opportunity for solar, not least because it is a means of integrating more PV into the grid, gaining system-wide benefits and new revenues for solar installations."

Professor Bernd Engel, SMA Solar Technology

Digitalisation & Solar Task Force leader

Go Digital Declaration

50 leading companies have announced their support for further digitalisation of the solar and energy sector. SolarPower Europe’s ‘Go Digital’ declaration was officially handed over to Megan Richards, Director of Energy Policy in DG Energy, European Commission at the SolarPower Summit 2018.

Photo: Aurelie Beauvais, Policy Director, SolarPower Europe with Megan Richards, Director of Energy Policy in DG Energy, European Commission at the SolarPower Summit 2018.

DIGITALISATION & solar in emerging markets

This joint report from SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force and Digitalisation & Solar Task Force focuses on the convergence of digital technology and solar in the context of emerging markets globally.

In pictures:

Digital Solar & Storage 2019

When Solar Policy went digital

This report looks specifically at how policymakers and regulators from across Europe can and are encouraging innovative digital business models in the solar PV ecosystem.


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