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Solar and storage are a perfect partnership. Storage extends solar’s power beyond the time the sun is in the sky, allowing energy producers to use solar 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for solar, allowing solar technologies to be used to their full potential.

Self-consumption will be the driver for solar demand in the European Union; small-scale electric storage solutions will have a crucial role in expanding on-site consumption. At the same time, utility-scale battery storage will be increasingly used in providing additional services for stabilising the grid when using large amounts of flexible solar power. Moreover, solar and storage is the key to enabling a renewable baseload, while also reducing costs for networks. This will also lead to stable electricity prices and the empowerment of consumers and businesses.

With the increasing cost-competitiveness of solar-plus-storage solutions, more European citizens will have access to the clean energy power of these technologies. We will undoubtedly see an important increase in energy prosumers – citizens that both produce and consume their own energy – as solar and storage offer opportunities to decrease European citizen’s energy bill while increasing predictability of their energy supply. Solar and storage will be at the core of the new energy system.

Join SolarPower Europe’s Solar and Storage Task Force

In order to unlock the full potential of Solar and Storage, the proper policy and regulatory framework must be put in place. The Solar and Storage Task Force aims to monitor and support the transposition of the clean energy package into member states’ national legislative frameworks, with the goal of ensuring a favorable regulatory landscape that enables new business opportunities for Solar & Storage.

If you are interested in joining this Task Force, contact Raffaele Rossi.


  • Help understand the benefits and synergies provided by solar and storage and ensure that markets recognise their value
  • Disseminate knowledge on solar and storage through the publication of position papers, the drafting of factsheets to bust myths about commonly perceived issues on the topic, and the organisation of events – including our annual Digital Solar & Storage Conference
  • Engage with solar and storage stakeholders and EU policymakers, facilitating dialogue to remove barriers on the way to a flexible, distributed, clean-powered European Union based on solar and storage

Did you know that:​

  • In some EU countries, the price of storage has fallen over 60% since late 2014 – and these prices are expected to drop another 50-60% by 2030
  • Germany is one of the fastest growing markets for residential battery storage, more than 100,000 solar storage systems have been installed in the country.
  • The energy storage market will see rapid expansion in the next years: the global storage market is forecast to grow to at least $250 billion by 2040

"By pairing solar with storage, the European Union can continue to increase the renewable penetration, while still being able to provide reliable, clean, and cost-effective energy to its all energy consumers during times of peak demand.”

Marcus Müller - Tesla

Solar & Storage Task Force Leader


GRID INTELLIGENT SOLAR - unleashing the full potential of utility-scale solar generation

This report, shows that solar is not only the lowest cost power source in many regions and crucial to meet EU climate targets, but also a reliable partner that helps to keep the grid stable and supports Europe’s security of supply.

In pictures:

Digital Solar & Storage 2019

Unleashing the Potential of solar & storage

This report from the Solar & Storage Task Force aims to emphasise the full potential of solar & storage in the future and policies must set the right conditions now. SolarPower Europe’s Solar & Storage Task Force calls on European policymakers to ensure that the policy asks outlined in this report are strengthened and fully reflected.



Global Market Outlook 2019-2023

SolarPower Europe’s annual award-winning Global Market Outlook for Solar Power is the most authoritative market analysis report for the global solar power sector. With comprehensive historical market

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