Solar Mobility

Electromobility is an emerging global trend and will open a world of new and exciting opportunities for solar. From solar-powered vehicles to solar-powered charging stations, to the development of innovative solar-powered supply offers, solar will help facilitate the electric mobility revolution.

Electromobility is the key to Europe’s transition to low-carbon transport, however, we must make sure that the electricity used for e-mobility is generated from renewable sources, and solar in particular. Solar-powered cars will also of course increase the deployment of our technology which will help us reach the EU climate and energy targets.

The solar mobility revolution presents many benefits and will bring together the transport and the energy sector. For this reason, SolarPower Europe launched the Solar Mobility Task Force, which will explore the existing and potential business models for solar mobility and explore the regulatory and industrial opportunities for Europe.

Join SolarPower Europe’s Solar Mobility Task Force

The aim of the Solar Mobility Task Force is to support the renewable-based decarbonisation of transport by promoting innovative business models using solar energy to fuel clean mobility and supporting the European solar sector to seize solar mobility opportunities.

If you are interested in joining this Task Force, contact Naomi Chevillard.



“The decarbonisation of the transport sector is urgent, solar-powered electric mobility offers huge opportunities to fast-track cleaner transport in Europe. The Solar Mobility Task Force is currently drafting a solar mobility report, thought to be the first of its kind, which will outline business models and make policy recommendations that will increase solar-powered electric mobility in Europe. We invite all interested stakeholders to join us in the quest for cleaner e-mobility.”

Christelle Verstraeten

Senior Director for European Policy, ChargePoint

Putting solar in the driver's seat: solar mobility report

This new report on solar mobility, thought to be the first of its kind, explores the potential of clean mobility solutions and solar power. The report documents various solar mobility business models, illustrating the experience of European and global pioneers with detailed case studies.

Three solar mobility models are highlighted: (1) solar-powered mobility, (2) solar smart charging, and (3) vehicle-integrated PV, all of which can lead to vast carbon reductions in the transport sector.

In pictures:

High-level Solar Mobility Workshop

The Solar Mobility Workshop was organised with support from the BMW Brand Store and showcased successful business stories from companies leading the uptake of solar mobility in Europe and explored the regulatory and industrial opportunities for Europe.

Generation Solar: Solar-powered electric cars


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