Q&A with Solar StartUp Award Winner 2021, SmartHelio

We speak with the winner of the Solar Start Up Award 2021, SmartHelio, about their sensor and intelligent software that detects faults in real time and helps solar PV plants improve their performance.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your product and how it works?

SmartHelio: Govinda, serial entrepreneur, is the CEO and founder of SmartHelio, and did research in sustainable urban planning. SmartHelio are the doctors of solar plants. We have developed proprietary sensor and intelligent software that detects faults in real time and helps plants to improve their performance. Our systems just plug into the existing monitoring system of a solar plant and start giving actional results to improve the performance. 

  1. What innovative solutions does your product open up that weren’t there before?

Our algorithms are physics-based and don’t require long term data to start working. We are plug and play. Also, our sensors are edge computing based. They do their own processing and downsize data up to 80% to make sure there is faster detection, less data storage, and processing in the cloud. Hence, this is an overall cost-effective solution with smarter algorithms. Our sensors can also reduce the capex cost of the plant as they can replace the pyranometer, dust sensor, string monitoring, and module temperature sensor. 

  1. Do you have any feedback or advice for someone currently launching a solar start up innovation? 

Solar has become super cost effective and now we need to work to scale up solar. The next big thing is the question of how to make solar more affordable for common people and also create efficient services around it. 

  1. What problem in the sector does your innovation solve?

Our technology helps to provide more control over solar performances to the solar owners/IPP. Our aim is to make our technology to help renewable energy such as integrated solar or storage become base load and help minimise uncertainty. This award is a testament to show that our solution is innovative and solves a big problem in the sector. 

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