Renewable Hydrogen Coalition gains support and maps out policies for a renewable hydrogen economy in Europe

Launched in November 2020, the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition has gained the support of leading businesses across the entire energy value chain. Today, the Coalition released its Policy Charter to support the mainstreaming of renewable hydrogen in Europe and to place the continent at the forefront of the global race for environmentally friendly solutions. Here are some key takeaways.

Founded by SolarPower Europe, WindEurope, and supported by Breakthrough Energy, the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition builds on the success of the “Choose Renewable Hydrogen” campaign led by SolarPower Europe and WindEurope, which ended up having renewable hydrogen acknowledged in the EU Hydrogen Strategy as the only sustainable solution. 

In its newly unveiled Policy Charter, the Coalition lays out the crucial policy foundations to kick-start a renewable-based hydrogen economy in Europe, when direct electrification is not possible.

First, the Coalition’s supporters call on policymakers to establish lead markets in sectors that would benefit most from renewable hydrogen solutions. These include existing hydrogen users and hard-to-electrify sectors, such as heavy industry and energy-intensive transport, notably aviation and shipping. 

Scaling up the renewable hydrogen industry and infrastructure is also crucial. This calls for deploying additional renewable generation capacity and introducing support schemes to make renewable hydrogen competitive. Boosting research and innovation is also essential in order to build a world-class competitive electrolyser industry and renewable energy sector in Europe.

Finally, the EU regulatory framework has a key role to play in stimulating investment that will close the loop from supply to demand in renewable energy. The Coalition asks for an EU-wide definition of renewable hydrogen and a levelling of the playing field between energy carriers, notably via taxation rules. 

Read the Coalition’s Policy Charter, which received the support of Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson.

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