Shortlisted companies announced for 2021 Solar Startup Award

The Solar Startup Award celebrates companies that are spearheading solar innovations. For the fourth year in a row, SolarPower Europe searches for the world’s brightest solar business ideas. The 2021 shortlist for the Startup Award was announced on May 4th, and includes a range of impressive companies, pushing the sector forward. 

Allume Energy has developed a unique distribution technology, called the SolShare, that shares solar electricity between residents in a multi-metered building, delivering cheap clean power to residents.

Clever Solar Devices developed Clever Dx, a platform for solar photovoltaic plants that allows remote Operation and Maintenance at PV panel level, thanks to real-time fault detection and diagnosis of efficiency problems without interrupting production.

HighLine Technology GmbH’s main focus is to reduce material consumption in the PV-industry. They also develop dispensing solutions for further production industries and thier engineers cover the whole package from construction, integration to process application.

IM Efficiency has R&D-activities in both hardware and software, focusing on decreasing emissions in trucks and semi-trailers. Their SolarOnTop offers transportation companies a low-cost solution to immediately decrease fuel consumption among their vehicles.

Insolight’s photovoltaic modules relies on a unique patented technology called planar optical micro-tracking. Embedded under the cover glass, an optical layer funnels concentrated light beams directly onto an array of high efficiency solar cells. The integrated tracking system keeps each cell in focus regardless of the Sun’s position.

La Mia Energia S.c.a.r.l are mainly focused on end-of-life photovoltaic panels, from their collection, transport and processing, to the recycling of waste through the recovery of valuable raw materials or conversion into energy.

PV2plus uses copper plating technology to pave the road for more environmentally friendly high performance silicon solar cell without the use of rare materials. They are currently preparing a spin-off from Fraunhofer ISE to commercialize the technology and make it available as a turnkey process to solar cell manufacturers.

SiQAl focuses on a carbon-neutral and recycling based production processes of raw materials, in a team of industrial material scientists with a strong background in extractive metallurgy and high-purity aluminum-silicon alloys. 

SmartHelio Sarl – as a response to 21st-century challenges, they bring light without heat, thanks to a creative learning-based combination of digital and physical technology, they focus on smart technologies in solar.

Solarge B.V uses fiber re-inforced polymers and a patented set of materials by SABIC which are the basis for a new technique to manufacture lightweight PV modules.

Tree_Sea.mals Ltd. is an eco-based organisation that develops Projects which utilize renewable resources for the benefit of African-based services. Their key value is to link Communal markets, Agribusiness processors and cold chain Stakeholders with low cost, solar-powered cooling solutions that are energy-saving and minimize manufacture footprint. 

Urban Sympheny AG empowers the planners and managers of buildings and local areas to drive the global energy transition. The SaaS platform supports optimized energy planning and management of sites from a building to a neighborhood to an entire city. 

Four finalists will be announced on May 5th and voting for the winner will take place on Day 1 of the SolarPower Summit, 10 May. 

Next week at the SolarPower Summit, two awards will also be given to solar leaders in gender equality and sustainability.

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