Small-scale solar and decentralised clean energy solutions’ full potential must be realised to deliver EU 2050 climate targets

Small is Beautiful coalition calls for decentralised clean energy solutions to be further explored for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050

Following a successful outcome for the Small is Beautiful campaign, safeguarding priority dispatch for small-scale renewable installations in the EU’s new electricity market design directive and regulation, the Small is Beautiful coalition will now work to promote the benefits of decentralised clean energy solutions’ contribution towards the EU 2050 climate strategy.

Aurélie Beauvais, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe, said: “The Small is Beautiful campaign, consisting of 18 trade associations representing renewables, cities, citizens, SMEs, electrical installers and building constructors, successfully reached its goal to maintain priority dispatch for small-scale solar and renewables in Europe. Building on our success, we will now focus on the huge benefits of decentralised clean energy solutions and how these technologies can help reach the EU’s 2050 targets.”

In a joint letter published ahead of the ‘Future of Europe’ summit in Sibiu, the Small is Beautiful coalition calls on member states to ensure that the long-term decarbonisation of the economy achieves the right balance between centralised and decentralised clean energy solutions by launching an official assessment of the costs and benefits of decentralised clean energy generation.

Beauvais added: “Small-scale clean energy solutions are at the core of a consumer-focused and smart energy transition. They are the gateway to a green economy, local job creation and offer direct economic benefits to citizens and businesses alike. It is key that the next generation of European regulation is developed with a sound understanding of the significant benefits decentralised clean energy solutions bring. That is why we call for an official study assessing the cost and benefits of a decentralised clean energy system to make sure that we reach the EU 2050 targets in the most cost-efficient way whilst ensuring clean, and sustainable energy for all Europeans.”

About the Small is Beautiful coalition:
The Small is Beautiful coalition aims to unlock the benefits of small-scale, locally-owned renewable solutions and high-efficiency co-generation. Striking the right balance between centralised and decentralised business models will be a key driver for an inclusive energy transition, empowering European SMEs, cities and citizens, supporting Europe’s industrial leadership and the sustainable development of all European regions.

This campaign gathers 18 trade associations including SolarPower Europe, AIE (European Electrical Contractors Association), Bioenergy Europe, COGEN EUROPE, EBA (European Biogas Association), EGEC Geothermal, EHPA (European Heat Pump Association), Energy Cities, EREF (European Renewable Energies Federation), the European Builders Confederation (EBC), EUREC, Euroheat & Power, OceanEnergy Europe, REScoop.EU, SMEunited (the European association of craft, small and medium-sized enterprises), Solar Heat Europe, the International Union of property owners (UIPI) and WindEurope.

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