Solar Factsheets – Cost

SolarPower Europe’s Sustainability Task Force has launched Solar Facts, a set of documents based on scientific, peer-reviewed sources that highlight how solar energy contributes to social, economic and environmental sustainability.

The factsheets cover five key topics related to solar, including: cost and efficiency, sustainability, employment and job creation, materials usage and recycling.

Key findings from the factsheets are available in the form of social media cards which can be shared on social networks.

Download the Solar Factsheets

Download the Cost social media cards

Key findings in tweets

Did you know? #Solar has seen the steepest cost reduction of all energy technologies in the last 20 years, with average prices falling from 5,000 EUR per kW in 2000 to 196 EUR per kW today @SolarPowerEU #solarfacts

Today, large-scale #solar is cheaper than any fossil fuel or nuclear source, steadily below 0.04 EUR per kWh. The future is even brighter with solar LCOE expected to be below 0.02 EUR per kWh in the long run! @SolarPowerEU #solarfacts

Covering just a small fraction of the Earth’s land surface with #solar would be enough to power the entire world. Solar is a flexible technology that can be applied virtually anywhere! @SolarPowerEU #solarfacts

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