Solar power drives the digitalisation of energy

European solar industry commits to prosumer choice, interoperability and data protection to increase digitalisation

Munich, 31 May 2017 – The European solar PV association, SolarPower Europe, has today launched its “Seven commitments on digitalisation”, part of the work of its Digitalisation & Solar Task Force which was set up in December last year. The commitments cover prosumer choice, peer-to-peer trading and smart and stable grids among other topics, all of which are seen as part of bringing forward ‘digital solar’.

The seven commitments were identified as part of an exercise to determine what the solar industry could do collectively to aid the transition to a fully digitalised solar offering and a digital energy system.

This is the first of three deliverables which the Task Force is set to publish over the next few months, with a set of regulatory asks due in June and an in-depth market opportunities report set for October.

The aim of the Task Force is to ensure that the solar PV sector in Europe makes the most of the opportunities arising from the digitalisation of the energy system.

Commenting, Professor Bernd Engel, Digitalisation Task Force leader and Representative of the Board for grid integration at SMA stated: “There is much the solar industry can do proactively to roll out digital technologies in this space. The interoperability of hardware and software is particularly important to ensure we don’t develop technology in silos.”

This deliverable was coordinated by Alison Finch, Chief Marketing Officer at Huawei Solar Europe. Commenting, she said: “These solar industry commitments to digitalisation are both progressive and substantial, enabling the PV industry as a whole to become more competitive in the European energy market. The commitments demonstrate a willingness to innovate and develop throughout the entire value chain. Digitalisation will make solar more cost effective, reliable and secure. Whether it be Blockchain-based peer-to-peer exchanges, cybersecurity or smart grids, we will implement the highest standards and promote transparency and choice for prosumers.”

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