SolarPower Europe Amendments to Delegated Act on Renewable Fuels from Non-Biological Origin – RED II (Article 27)

The European Union has a unique opportunity to take decisive steps towards climate neutrality by 2050. To mainstream the use of renewable energy in the transport sector and meet the EU climate neutrality goal, Member States should guarantee that by 2030 14% of the final energy consumption in the transport sector is from renewables. To successfully achieve this goal, it is crucial to ensure that the electricity used to produce renewable liquid and gaseous transport fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBOs) is produced by renewable energy sources. Renewable hydrogen from non-biological sources like solar is a type of RFNBO and it is expected to play a key strategic role in the decarbonisation of the transport sector as well as other sectors of the EU’s economy. 

At the same time, electrification must remain an overarching priority to decarbonise the transport sector. For road transport, SolarPower Europe’s 100% renewable study demonstrates that renewable-based electrification is the most cost-efficient and the fastest solution to achieve significant GHG emission reduction, enabling the full decarbonisation of this segment even before 2040.

It is crucial to quickly deploy renewables on a large scale if we are to meet the EU’s renewable electricity needs. The electricity used to produce RFNBOs cannot be based solely on the existent electricity from the grid, which for the foreseeable future includes electricity generated from fossil fuel sources. It is therefore crucial that it comes from new renewable energy assets, such as solar plants.

The RED II established the criteria for RFNBOs to qualify for the 14% target, but it left out the methodology to demonstrate them to a Delegated Act due in December 2021. Following the requirements for 100% renewability defined in the RED II, SolarPower Europe provides the following recommendations in the context of the implementation of Article 27(3) of the RED II, for the design of the methodology to guarantee that electricity used to produce RFNBOs comes from renewable sources.

Click here to read our position paper.

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