A Christmas present for the European Solar sector

Following intense negotiations over the past 6 months, the European Parliament and Council adopted on 19th of December the last but certainly not least legislative piece of the Clean Energy Package: the Electricity Market Design Regulation and Directive. Under the strong leadership of the Austrian presidency, European Member states did not only achieve a timely agreement – right before the Christmas break – but an ambitious one, which will pave the way for a new Solar boom in Europe.

Aurélie Beauvais, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe, commented: “The agreement on the Electricity Market Design will fast-track Europe’s energy transition and ensure that the benefits are grasped by all layers of society. In particular, we are delighted that the approved Electricity Market Design Regulation secures the uptake of small-scale, and locally owned Solar installations in Europe. In June 2018, SolarPower Europe and 17 major EU associations gathered under the Small is Beautiful campaign and called on EU policy makers to secure a balanced energy transition for small-scale renewables; this is a major achievement which will be the backbone of a decentralized, digitalized and modernized European economy.”
Naomi Chevillard, Policy Advisor for SolarPower Europe, added: “Today’s agreement gives a clear policy signal that Europe is ready to become a global leader in renewables. It will ensure the development of “future-proof” electricity markets, adapted to the increasing contribution of solar and of new sources of flexibility such as storage and active customers. With the introduction of a CO2 emissions limit in capacity mechanisms, the EU leads by example and demonstrates its determination to become a net-zero economy by 2050.”
Following a formal approval by the European Parliament and Council in spring 2019, the Electricity Market Design Regulation will enter into force twenty days after the formal approval of the co-legislators, while the Directive shall be transposed by 1st January 2021.


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Kristina Thoring – Communications Director
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