SolarPower Europe’s Operations & Maintenance Task Force elect Chair and Vice-Chairs

On 8 March 2019 in Brussels, SolarPower Europe’s O&M Task Force re-elected Paolo V. Chiantore (Baywa r.e.) as Chair of the O&M Task Force and elected two new Vice-Chairs: Ypatios Moysiadis (GREENSOLVER) and Constantinos Peonides (Alectris).

From left to right: Máté Heisz (SolarPower Europe), Constantinos Peonides (Alectris), Paolo V. Chiantore (BayWa r.e.), Ypatios Moysiadis (Greensolver)

Paolo V. Chiantore, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Italy, said: “After the great effort of 2018, which led to the publication of the third version of our well known Guidelines and the launch of the O&M Best Practices Mark, this year will again see us active in several working streams: to complete the range of services required for the optimal operation of PV plants, we will launch the first version of the Asset Management Best Practices Guidelines; secondly, we will increase the dissemination activities; finally we will continue to explore innovations in the technical management of PV plants, as our contribution to the reduction of the LCOE of solar energy.”

Ypatios Moysiadis, Business Development Director & UK Country Manager of GREENSOLVER UK, added: “With a true sense of commitment, I was honoured to be elected as a Vice-Chair of the SolarPower Europe O&M Task Force. Our main priorities for this year will be to actively engage various stakeholders for the dissemination of the O&M Mark and the launch of Asset Management Best Practices Guidelines in December 2019. We look forward through collective work to produce a separate document that together with the new version of the O&M Best Practice Guidelines will form the service backbone of our industry for the future.”

Constantinos Peonides, Director, Alectris commented: “We all envision a “greener” world. We envision a world with solar as the dominant source of energy. We envision a world with lower LCOE affordable to everyone. To succeed we need to meet the technical challenges and harness the rapid technological advances made every day. The O&M Best Practices Guidelines encompass these challenges and technology advances and are a vital constituent of this success. Collectively we will continue on the successful path of our predecessors in upgrading and enriching the best practices guidelines, and promoting and educating stakeholders on the benefits of adopting them globally.”

To learn more about SolarPower Europe’s O&M Task Force, contact Máté Heisz:

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