SolarPower Europe showcase solar at ‘European Smart Villages’ event in EU Parliament

Today, SolarPower Europe took part in a photographic exhibition on the topic of ‘European Smart Villages’ in the European Parliament, in Brussels. The event was hosted by MEP Tibor Szanyi and MEP Franc Bogovič and was attended by various political figures including Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan, Secretary General of CopaCogeca, Pekka Pesonen, and Minister-Counsellor of the United States Department of Agriculture (ASDA) Bruce Zanin.

SolarPower Europe’s photographic exhibition showcased how solar is powering communities and industry across small villages in Europe. A selection of ten photographs from France, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, and Italy were displayed at the event. See selection of photos from the exhibition: 

Les Cèdres solar farm and storage battery, France

With an installed capacity of 9MW, the Les Cèdres solar farm integrates a storage capacity of 9MWh. This storage helps support the grid, thanks to stable and continuous electricity supply, thus cancelling out the effects of intermittence caused by weather conditions. The stored power at the Les Cèdres solar farm alone is sufficient to cover the energy needs of the entire town, making l’Étang Salé the first green energy town on Réunion. The solar farm spans two sites. The first is an Aquanergie solar farm, consisting of photovoltaic sun screens above 12 fish rearing pools, with a capacity of 1.5MWp. The second site is an Agrinergie® farm, where the photovoltaic screens have been raised to allow mechanized farming of the whole of the 7.5-hectare site. The agricultural project is a major permaculture project, mixing livestock, forestry and market gardening. Produce from these organic farms is destined for the local market, and several agricultural jobs have been created. Courtesy of: Akuo, Marchal & Legrand.

Solar-powered irrigation system, Portugal

This solar-powered irrigation system in Alter do Chão, Portugal can help reduce water consumption in agriculture by letting farmers know exactly how much water is needed and when. Courtesy of: MASLOWATEN.

Solar on an industrial site in Czech Republic

A 926.55 kWp solar system installed on the Josefův Důl industrial area, outside Mladá Boleslav, in the Czech Republic. The plant supplies the entire factory with clean and secure electricity. Courtesy of: Petr Šorejs.

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