SolarPower Europe Recommendations to the Platform on Sustainable Finance

The EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance is a crucial instrument to ensure that investments are directed towards projects and economic activities that have a substantial positive impact on the climate and the environment, in line with the European Green Deal objectives. With over €500 billion of investments needed annually to achieve climate-neutrality by 2050, the sustainable finance Taxonomy can become a true accelerator for clean-energy projects, and enabler for achieving climate-neutrality by 2050.

The EU Taxonomy is central to Next Generation EU as it will define what investments can be accounted for Member States to reach the 37% green spending target.

The European Commission asked the Platform on Sustainable Finance to provide answers to the following six questions. In this light, SolarPower Europe provides the following recommendations to the Platform ahead of the approval of the first delegated act establishing the technical screening criteria for economic activities contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives.

Click here to read our position paper.

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