SolarPower Europe Response to Inception Impact Assessment on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010/31/EU

The revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010/31/EU (“EPBD”) will be essential to achieve increased 2030 climate and energy targetsbe on track to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, and achieve the objectives of the Renovation Wave, specifically the objective to reduce 60% building-related emissions by 2030 compared to a 2015 baseline.

To achieve the objectives of the Renovation Wave, the EPBD should accelerate the deployment of on-site solar across the EU, including Building Integrated Photovoltaics (“BIPV”). Building envelopes (both roofs and façades) represent a significant potential to deploy decentralized renewable energy capacity and support the achievement of the EU’s renewable energy ambition. BIPV combines these advantages with passive and active measures of energy efficiency on already built surfaces.

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