SolarPower Europe supports the launch of the “Reach for the Sun” campaign, from Little Sun, the nonprofit founded by artist Olafur Eliasson

SolarPower Europe is supporting the new global communications campaign Reach for the Sun: Ten Steps to Creating a Solar Powered World, launched on Earth Day by Little SunReach for the Sun is a ten-step digital guide for creating a solar-powered world and includes an open-source communications toolkit and resources for individuals and organizations to take action. We know that powering the world with solar is possible. Getting there requires a collective effort, but mostly, getting there depends on you. Now what are we waiting for? It’s time to Reach For The Sun. If you want to support the campaign and share your passion for solar with the world, then delve into the material by: 

From feeling the power of the sun to personal behavior change and policy engagement, this campaigns offers the ten most important things you can do to create a solar powered world. Illustrated by Nigerian-Italian artist Diana Ejaita and supported by IKEA Foundation, the guide is designed to help us all reach for the sun now in order to create a thriving world tomorrow. 

The Little Sun organization, which works with partners to deliver renewable energy to communities in sub-Saharan Africa, is investing in its culture program, says Little Sun CEO John Heller, with the goal of “shifting the public’s perspective on the climate crisis—grounding the climate conversation not in fear and despair but in hope and possibility for what we can create together.”

And if you wonder: why solar? Here are some facts. Solar is now the cheapest energy source in history and could meet 70% of the world’s energy needs, helping us solve climate change. Solar is our chance to finally create a fair energy system, meaning that affordable, clean power gets to everybody on the planet, especially to the 800 million people living beyond the electricity grid in Africa and South Asia. 

Little Sun works primarily in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, and Zambia, drawing on the expertise of in-country staff. Through close partnerships with local organizations, Little Sun also works in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa. Find more information here

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