SolarPower Europe’s Feedback on the Renewable Energy Directive Amending Directive (REDIII)

SolarPower Europe has published their Position Paper with feedback on the amendment of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDIII), following up to their previous recommendations for REDII in May 2021.

This new position paper outlines seven key recommendations for REDIII:

1. An at least 45% renewable energy target is within reach and required to be on a cost-efficient trajectory to reach climate neutrality by 2050 (article 3).

2. Introduce targeted amendments to improve strategic planning and facilitate rooftop PV deployment (articles 15 and 15a) and establish an appropriate enforcement strategy (non-regulatory). 

3. Maintain the ambitious definition of renewable hydrogen and RFNBOs (article 1) and ensure the industry and transport sub-targets only promote RFNBO uptake in hard-to-abate sectors (articles 22a and 25)

4. Boost corporate procurement of renewables (articles 15 and 19) and improve the Guarantees of Origin framework (article 19)

5. Leverage support schemes and tendering frameworks to promote the most sustainable renewable energy technologies (articles 3, 4, and 15)

6. Enhance the framework for mid-sized renewable energy systems

7. Proposals to accelerate renewable-based electrification and energy system integration provide a good basis, with room to improve (articles 3, 20a, and 25)

You can access the position paper here.

Photo (c): Copyright European Union, 2021

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