SolarPower Europe’s Recommendations to deliver 45% renewable energy by 2030 – RED II Position Paper

SolarPower Europe has published their Position Paper with key recommendations on the RED II and how to deliver 45% renewable energy in the EU by 2030. SolarPower Europe’s 100% Renewable Europe study demonstrated that the massive deployment of new renewable capacities combined with ambitious electrification strategies is the most cost-efficient solution to decarbonise our economy, at the lowest cost for society and while still maximizing societal benefits.

Therefore, with the increased ambition to achieve a 55% CO2 emissions reduction in the EU by 2030, an upward revision of the EU 2030 renewables targets and a review of the Renewable Energy Directive is unavoidable. The EU Commission already expressed the need to increase the current 2030 renewable target from 32% to at least 38-40% of EU final energy demand by 2030. However, according to SolarPower Europe the EU has the potential to reach a portion of 45% of renewables in the EU final energy demand, which would put the continent on track to deliver on the 1.5° Paris Agreement scenario.

Beyond targets, the review of the Renewable Energy Directive represents a unique opportunity to update the EU’s regulatory framework and ensure that Member States are empowered to implement the policies and measures needed to meet increased levels of ambitions. The document released today by SolarPower Europe singled out six key recommendations from the solar industry, for a successful and future proof RED II. The recommendations can be consulted in this executive summary and full document.

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