SolarPower Summit: Companies call for more solar digitalisation

Today, at the SolarPower Summit, 50 leading companies announced their support for further digitalisation of the solar and energy sector. SolarPower Europe’s ‘Go Digital’ declaration was officially handed over to Megan Richards, Director of Energy Policy in DG Energy, European Commission.

“The European Commission’s Clean Energy legislative package is designed to ensure that the advantages of new and better technologies can bring the benefits of the clean energy transition to European citizens and consumers. The EU Energy Union strategy goes hand in hand with its Digital Single Market strategy, to drive forward progress” said Megan Richards, Director of Energy Policy in DG Energy, European Commission.

Alexander Naujoks, Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Public Affairs at SMA Solar Technology AG, commented “New digital technologies are breaking down the traditional boundaries within the energy sector, opening the door to a new era of flexibility. Smart demand response, sector coupling and energy systems 4.0 – these are opportunities we must take to fast-track the clean energy transition”. Naujoks added ‘Digitalisation of the power system has proved to be extremely efficient for network operation and integration of solar, reducing the need for curtailment and market-distorting measures such as capacity markets. Our message to policymakers is to maximise the opportunities arising from digitalisation, this will increase the cost-efficient deployment of solar and renewables in Europe”.

“Solar is at the heart of the digitalisation of energy in Europe. Now we need the right regulatory framework to deliver the full potential of digital solar. We need policymakers to accelerate the deployment of smart grids, reform incentives for network operators and reward the speed and accuracy that solar can provide in grid supported services,” said Aurélie Beauvais, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe.

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