Statkraft Q&A: Solar Sustainability Award Finalist

We speak with José Miguel Ferrer, Country Manager Statkraft Iberia, the finalist of the first Solar Sustainability Award 2021, about their work on sustainability.

1. Can you introduce us to your work on sustainability?

Our business is to supply renewable energy. This is the center of every we do, but beyond this we are constantly looking for ways to improve how to do this in the most sustainable and responsible way possible.  For example, when we embark on projects, we believe in employing local people and developing the surrounding communities through training programs, employment and local municipality agreements. 

Beyond community development, we also make huge investments in the local environments to ensure the least disruption possible. We do this through carefully investing in projects to monitor, protect and environmentally restore the ecosystems where the projects are located. 

2. What is unique about your work on sustainability, what does it have that other projects might not?

Renewable energy technology will play a decisive role in the future as the most competitive source of clean energy. However, we don’t rest on our laurels and instead assume responsibility at every stage, looking beyond economic performance and political regulations, improving and promoting biodiversity, and committing to sustainable strategies as a driver of growth and employment in the regions where we develop and operate. 

Our sustainability model is based on three fundamental pillars that we believe should govern all projects: prioritizing local employment, support to the local community and the improvement of biodiversity.

3. What does sustainability mean to you in your day-to-day work, and even in your personal life? What advice might you have for readers seeking to improve their own sustainability footprint?

In our daily lives we all face small acts which have an impact on the environment and on our wallets: At home, at work, in the street, shopping, cooking, in our leisure time… Almost all the activities in a normal day can be done in a way that is less harmful to the environment and less costly for the household economy. For myself personally, I choose to walk to work as opposed to using the car, at home we only use LED bulbs, and we use the green electricity tariff. I encourage my children to know about the correct recycling methods and I have reduced the use of plastics a lot in the last few years, I do not go anywhere without my cloth bag. For shopping I like to go to local shops. Here in Valencia we have abundance of fruits and vegetables growing close by the city. 

José Miguel Ferrer, Country Manager Statkraft Iberia 

photo credit: Statkraft

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