Ten top policy changes to bring forward new solar business models across Europe

Brussels, 2 May 2017 – SolarPower Europe, the EU-level solar trade body, has today published a new report setting out ten policy changes that would allow new solar business models to come forward across Europe and ease financing for the sector.

The changes include allowing for the ‘lift and shift’ of PV installations, avoiding grid charges that disincentivise consumers from going solar and ensuring that installations can supply more than one consumer to allow for apartment blocks to also benefit from the technology.

This report is part of the PV Financing project, a two year research effort funded by the European Commission dedicated to spreading best practice in terms of new financing schemes and business models across Europe. The report is being launched at an event in Brussels this afternoon (Tuesday 2 May).

Sonia Dunlop, Policy Adviser at SolarPower Europe, commented: “This is a simple to do list for regulators at European and national level that the whole European solar industry can get behind. Foremost among them is the proposal for a financial mechanism to reduce the cost of capital for renewables across the EU. This, like many of the other changes, builds on the Commission’s proposals within the Clean Energy for all Europeans package, strengthening some of the ideas and putting flesh on the bones as to how the Commission’s vision could work in practice.”

The research project has also produced recommended policy changes at national level for seven key European markets including Turkey. These national reports, which have been published in the national languages, can be viewed here.

For more information on the PV Financing project see www.pv-financing.eu.

Download report ‘Designing EU Policy to Encourage New Solar Business Models’

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