The Electrification Alliance: Powering a climate neutral, competitive and secure Europe

At ‘Powering the European Green Deal’, an event held on 6 November in Brussels, a broad group of 100 organisations from major industrial sectors and civil society called on EU policymakers to accelerate the uptake of clean and renewable electricity as the most cost-effective and energy efficient strategy to deliver a climate neutral Europe.

The European Commission’s Long Term Decarbonisation Strategy ‘A Clean Planet for All’ showed that renewable and decarbonised electricity must increase significantly, replacing fossil fuels in Europe’s energy mix, as a precondition to meeting our climate and energy objectives.

Electrification has the potential to profoundly reshape Europe’s economy, revitalise its industry and ensure a clean and healthy environment for its citizens. It can drastically cut Europe’s €5bn per week bill for fuel imports, reduce energy consumption by 4-8 times and address the severe health risks associated with poor air quality.

To fulfil the vision of climate neutrality, necessary investments in network infrastructure, smart solutions and renewable energy generation must start now. Policies must be geared towards this objective.

The Declaration calls on EU policymakers to deliver a meaningful Green Deal and fast-track Europe’s electrification.

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